What projects were started in the season 2022-2023? Part 2: Bang Tao, apartments.

What projects were started in the season 2022-2023? Part 2: Bang Tao, apartments.

There are significantly fewer apartment projects in Bang Tao than villas. They have more convenient locations than private houses. If you want a property close to the beach and shopping malls, without having to drive, then apartments are good choice.

The Ozone Lagunia Condominium - This developer has opened a section with villas in Bang Tao, and he also welcomes you to condominiums. Sales are going well, promos are often announced, using which you can purchase a studio of 42 sq.m. at a reduced price, with a free furniture package. At the presale stage, the price was 4.1 million - 100,000 baht per square meter. Now during the promotions there is the lowest price of 5.5 million baht for the same size.

Sky Park Celeste - sales of apartments in the fourth and fifth buildings were announced, the first three were sold quickly, as they were built and put into operation. Now resale and rentals are in full swing, despite the ongoing process of new buildings construction. The location is very good, you can walk to the beach on foot.

If you look into the distant 2019, you could buy a studio in Sky Park for less than 3 million baht and sell it now with a revenue of 50 to 100%. This year, at the beginning stage of sales, it was possible to purchase the same studio for a price of 4.5 million baht. And now - from 4.9 million, which is also not bad.

Laguna Seaside was launched in the footsteps of the successful, popular Beachside. The location is not as good, the prices bite, but the proximity to the sea worths everything. Prices at the start of sales were over 9 million baht for a 60 sq.m. one-bedroom apartment. There are two- and three-bedroom apartments, with prices same to villas - under 25 and over 30 million at the start of the project. But, if you compare them with villas, then houses in the same good location will cost several times more.

Banyan Tree Grand Residences - Seaview Residences - like the Beach Terraces villas are located on the coast of Bang Tao. All residences are three-bedroom, the area of ​​the premises is over 213 sq.m, and the cost starts from 82.2 million baht. Residences sells out very quickly, half has already been sold out, and all due to the fact that the location is rare.

Above Element is a condo project next to the aforementioned villas. In general, it will be the project with a condominium, villas, clubhouse in Bang Tao. Prices at the pre-sale stage started from 4 million baht, now closer to five million baht for a one-bedroom apartment of 38 sq.m.

Bellevue Lagoon is a new project in a good location, but from a completely new developer. The price was 3,784,000 baht for a 34 sqm studio, now the cheapest offer is 4,587,000. 40% percent of the complex is sold out.

Laguna Lakeside is the newest complex from Laguna, in a good location, convenient for walking to the beach and Villa Market for groceries. This was immediately appreciated, and 80% of the apartments were dismantled. At the beginning the price was 5,380,000 baht for 35 sqm, now it is 6,760,000.

The Aqua - 60% of the apartments were dismantled at the pre-sale - in 2 days! Because the location is already enviable, next to Boat Avenue and Villa Market, two steps away. At the beginning the prices were 7,140,000 baht for 46 sq.m. one-bedroom apartment, now already 7,950,000 baht and there are only a few units available.

Read the first part with villas project were started in high season 2022-2023 in Bang Tao.

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