Phuket Location Guide

Phuket is one of Asia’s most sophisticated and best established property markets. Make sure you do your research of the area when buying - Accessibility and location are important factors when investing into Phuket property.

  • Bang Tao

    Perhaps one of the most prestigious locations in Phuket is the magnificent area of Bang Tao. This charming area has a glorious beach with many other smaller beaches nearby. The Laguna Phuket complex is also nearby. The Laguna is a high class development containing many medium and high end developments, residential and commercial. Bang Tao has stunning beauty as there are plenty of green spaces including a golf course and many large landscaped lakes which are just metres from the beach.The beach is especially attractive because it is very long with wonderful soft sand and quite peaceful in many places.There are many traditional holiday businesses in the area to cater for all tastes such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and even a wakeboarding park. Bang Tao is a great area to look for an ideal luxury villa, house or apartment.

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  • Cape Yamu

    Cape Yamu is a private gated area on a small sliver of land about halfway up the east coast. Cape Yamu affords pretty views of the majestic Phang-Nga Bay. There are a couple of high end restaurants whose fine cuisine would go well with the awesome sea views.Many of the developments cater to the medium and luxury range of properties and even boast a recording studio in Cape Yamu.

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  • Chalong

    Chalong a popular area with expats, as it is well connected by main roads to the centre of Phuket and the major beaches on the south of the island. Chalong has a large natural harbour and the area is a diving hub.There are many outlying islands that can be seen clearly from Chalong which provide a tantalising view of some of the more romantic destinations that are within easy access of Phuket.There are a large number of interesting housing options available including some famously branded developments and high end housing estates.There is yet plenty room for more developments in the area and you will easily find a varied selection of villas, houses and apartments available in Chalong.

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  • Cherng Talay

    Located just south of the Laguna area is Cherng Talay. Cherng Talay sits between many beautiful beaches and as such has become a popular area for luxury condos and villas. As the area is quite similar to Bang Tao again many wealthy expats and locals own property there. In contrast to the high end properties you will find plenty of traditional local businesses and homes in Cherng Talay.

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  • East

    Although there is no sunset on the east coast there is a sunrise! As Phang-Nga bay lies just to the east, along with many other islands there is a captivating view to be enjoyed along the east coast. In addition the area is relatively quiet and you can find some surprising properties hidden away in the east.

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  • Kamala

    Kamala seems to have a slower pace of life and has become a much loved spot by retirees and other long term visitors staying in apartments, villas and hotels around the area.Close to the coast and to the south are a fair few luxury villas with enviable views of the local sea along its green and shady coastal road.As a more tranquil alternative to the fervent activity in Patong there has been some fresh and steady growth of new properties available for sale in Kamala.The area from Kamala to Surin has become referred to as the 'millionaires mile' due to the amount of luxury properties positioned to enjoy pleasant views over the bay. Luckily there is a good range of budget and mid-range properties to be found. Included in these budget options are plenty of houses, apartments and villas to choose from.Kamala is another area that has its own features to boast about as well as being well connected to some of the islands other main attractions such as Patong to the south and the Laguna area to the north.

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  • Karon

    Karon is perhaps better suited as a family destination than its more hectic neighbour to the north, Patong. The coastal roads are some of the most beautiful on the island. Karon has a lot of the standard entertainment areas, restaurants and bars for evening and night time indulgence. If that is not enough then Patong is only minutes away.The beach is large and simply gorgeous. The sand is coral, soft and almost white. The beach is deeper than most other popular beaches and has a decent amount of greenery in between it and the main road.Scattered here and there you can find a decent selection of villas, houses, and apartments in Karon as well as plenty of luxury properties.

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  • Kata

    Kata bay draws many visitors with its fine sand and tranquil waters outside of monsoon season. Kata is popular with both Thais and foreigners because of a large amount of natural shade on much of the beach. This combination gives the area an interesting atmosphere and an all-round favourite particularly with families. Thankfully there are a lot of different accommodation options quite close to the beach. There are plenty of nightlife venues and restaurants. The nightlife is more toned down than in other areas of Phuket. Kata is separated from Rawai and Prom Thep Cape further south by steep hills and cliffs which have helped to keep a refreshing green belt on the south end of Kata.Arguably Kata is a welcome compromise between the rapid pace of Patong and some of the quieter beaches on Phuket.Housing options are plentiful in the area and Kata continues to expand and develop with more shops, restaurants, bars, luxury properties and leisure facilities springing up all the time. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a delightful selection of villas, houses and apartments in Kata.

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  • Kathu

    Kathu is ideal for many long term residents as this location is a hub near many shopping malls, schools, businesses and beaches. Kathu is a relatively large area, where you can find private homes away from the hustle and bustle of the main beach locations.There are two golf courses, Lock Palm and Phuket Country Club to be taken advantage of. Kathu is nearby to Patong to the west, Phuket Town to the east and within a short drive is Central Festival, Big C, Tesco Lotus and a few other shopping centres. In Kathu, you will find a good-value selection of house and villa properties. There is also a less well known road that runs north east that connects to the British International School and Boat lagoons.

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  • Koh Kaew

    Koh Kaew is an area located on the East Coast of Phuket and is home to the world famous yacht marinas, The Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina. There is British International School in the area, the most famous international educational institution of the island.

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  • Koh Sirey

    Koh Sirey is a small island connected to Phuket Town by a short bridge. Beside the well known Sirey Westin Resort and the Thai temple built at the top of a hill, Koh Sirey is known for the Sea Gypsy tribal village, also known as Chao Lay.

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  • Layan

    Layan sits at the north end of Bang Tao Beach, separated from Bang Tao by a river that flows into the sea. Sitting within arm’s reach of Layan beach is unspoilt and tiny Kata Island. The island gives the beach protection from the monsoon season waves. There are no sun loungers or refreshments at Layan so you need to bring plenty of sunscreen or relax under the overhanging trees and bring a picnic.

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  • Mai Khao

    Part of the Sirinat National park Mai Khao is wonderfully peaceful and quiet. The beach stretches away into the far distance uninterrupted by anything unnatural.The area is more suited to a gentle stroll as you won’t find a lot of nightlife or shopping in national park land! As an area of outstanding natural beauty Mai Khao gives a welcome break to the more popular beaches further south. The place is close to Phuket International Airport, and also close to Sarasin bridge which connects Phuket to scenic Phang Nga and the mainland.

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  • Nai Harn

    Nai Harn beach has several features that set it apart from many of the other beach areas in Phuket. For starters Nai Harn has tantalising views of several different locations such as temple complexes, lush green hills, islands and land formations such a Prom Thep Cape. Remarkably there is even a windmill or two! Behind the beach is a large communal area with a lagoon, park and temple.The beach is quite safe for very small children as there is a natural lagoon on the beach itself protected from the sea waves that makes an ideal baby pool or a place for the less confident swimmer to enjoy.There are some luxury villas, well designed condos and a large choice of all kinds of properties nearby in Nai Harn.

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  • Nai Thon

    According to many visitors and locals Nai Thon is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Phuket, despite the size. Developers looked to Nai Thon to build luxury property for those who want peace and quiet. There are only a scattering of restaurants and bars. If you relish tranquillity you will want to seriously consider Nai Thon as the place to be.

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  • Nai Yang

    Nai Yang is an area popular with locals which means the following two things. There is plenty of cheap, delicious local food and an abundance of shade from the hot sun. The northern most end of Nai Yang is protected National Park land. There are lots of long-tail boats at Nai Yang in the water and local kids playfully enjoying themselves.

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  • Panwa

    Panwa or Cape Panwa is a neighbour to Phuket town separated by green suburbs. The southernmost tip of Panwa is home to a Marine Biological Research Centre and Phuket's Aquarium where visitors may explore several hundred exotic, curious looking, and flamboyantly colourful marine species found in the tropical waters surrounding the region.

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  • Patong

    Patong has a wonderful atmosphere because in this town pretty much anything goes, as long as everyone is having fun! It has a world class beach and likely that more people spend more time enjoying the night life of countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs than they do sunning themselves on the beach. There is a good mix of all sorts of cultures in Patong and this is reflected in the variety of businesses that operate in the area. Patong is one of the top ten places in the world just to kick back and watch the world pass by.There is a fantastic range of property options to be had in Patong. Luxury villas with breath taking sea views upon the heights surround the town. Entry level and middle of the range houses, apartments and condos are available in all areas. The beach is popular in all seasons and is often busy and offers many activities from parasailing to traditional massage. Patong is definitely a place to consider if you enjoy nightlife!

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  • Phang Nga

    Phang Nga is blessed with a dreamy landscape of waterfalls, mountains, caves, islands, rivers and hot springs. It is a quiet place with remote beaches that stretch for miles without a soul in sight. Phang Nga is connected to Phuket by a good bridge.

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  • Phuket City

    The administrative centre of Phuket City is often unnoticed in favour of the beaches, yet there is a generous helping of local culture to be enjoyed that will not be found elsewhere on the island. There are year round Thai festivals that are best observed in Phuket City, like the climax to the vegetarian festival in September - October. Phuket City was recently upgraded to city status and features a fascinating blend of young and old.

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  • Rawai

    Residential housing options are plentiful in Rawai with an abundance of great restaurants and nightlife to keep residents entertained.Rawai is a hot spot for expats as the area is very green, not too congested and has a homely, village appeal to it. There is a lot of coastline in Rawai where you can find a nice mix of properties tucked away.

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  • Surin

    Surin beach has fine waters and white sands that make most visitors feel refreshed and at ease. Inland the beach is lined with tall trees and small Thai style restaurants. Surin is often referred to as 'millionaire's row' because of the high quality villas on hills overlooking the bay. High profile types from all walks of life like to get away from the crowds during their stay at Surin. There are just a few restaurants and shops nearby.

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  • Talang

    Talang is snuggled up in the northern interior of the island, an area less visited by tourists. Thalang is the home town of the locally famous heroine twins who organised a militia of ordinary folk including women to deceive and deter an invading foreign army from attacking Phuket.There are plenty of local attractions nearby such as the Laguna complex and national park. Countless bays and areas of natural interest surround the area.There are good picks of all kinds of properties in Thalang especially luxury villas and houses.

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