Terms & Conditions

All text and photos on this website are copyrighted and protected by intellectual trademark and copyright laws. You may not use any of the content for any commercial purpose without the permission of the owners. As part of the directory listing process, the submitter must fill in certain contact details. Providing false details constitutes a breach of agreement, which may result in termination of your property listing.

Users introducing material onto the website are responsible for the content of that material. Phuketbuyhouse.com has no responsibility for information posted by users or others, or for the content of information accessible via hyperlinks from the Website. However, Phuketbuyhouse.com retains the right to review, edit, or delete content that it finds to be illegal, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

Number of accounts

  • Each person or company is allowed to create one account only.

Profile name

  • Each owner is obliged to employ a real name and be ready to provide identity on request by sending a copy of ID and copies of legal documents, proving property ownership or authority. Once the user identity has been confirmed we will authorize your contribution and grant you valid status.
  • Users’ file photo(s) or logo(s) may not contain website-links, email addresses or any other contact information

Profile contact information.

  • Owner should provide the website with all his official contacts, e.g.: social network accounts, logos, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, etc.
  • Links to private or corporate websites or any third-party resources are not allowed.

Requirements on the properties listed


  • A short description including the location, the amount of bed/bathrooms, facilities and amenities.
  • Not allowed: web-links, email addresses, telephone numbers, prices, availability by season, special symbols, discounts and promotions information.
  • It is not recommended to use the actual name of your property.

Photographs of property

  • The pictures you upload should be light, contrast and should not include people or unnecessary details. It is recommended to upload .jpg files at least 1024x768px in size.
  • The represented property should look ready for users to move in. It is recommended to upload from 6 to 12 photos, including: an exterior photo, a swimming pool photo (if applicable), 1-2 living room photos, 1-2 photos of each bedroom, 1-2 photos of bathrooms, 1-2 kitchen photos, 2-3 photos of other facilities.
  • It is strictly prohibited to upload photos with any watermarks, agency or object names, owner contact details, advertisement(s) or any other text or digits. The website administration will remove the abovementioned photos without prior notice and the agent’s or owner’s account will be immediately blocked.

The object description should include:

  • The location, address, map coordinates (at least the approximate ones), the name of the nearest beach and the distance from it (if any).
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Availability of kitchen and the living room
  • Availability of private or communal pool(s)
  • Number of floors
  • 7 The maximum capacity of the property and availability of extra beds
  • Security
  • Furnishings
  • TV, Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Floor space, total space. Garden, yard or territory area

Fair use

  • The website follows a ‘fair use’ criteria, a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work and therefore retains the right to deny access to place any information and media where deemed appropriate. The website also retains the right to partially or completely delete, edit or change any information provided by users to bring it in line with the general form and internal requirements without prior notice given.
  • Provision of misleading or false information on property or contact details, posting duplicates, or using multiple accounts, participating in fraudulent behaviour, failure to fulfill obligations, complaints from visitors, as well as any other acts that do not fall under the criteria of ‘fair use’ will lead to accounts being blocked and properties removed from the listing.
  • Website users are solely responsible for any information, photos and videos placed on the site. The site is not responsible for the content, quality and compliance of the user-provided information and media, nor for any violations of the third-party rights in connection with the placement data on the site. Users are liable to a third party in the event of a claim from the latter.
  • All the information contained on the site is copyrighted and may not be used for commercial or other purposes without prior permission given.
  • The site is not responsible for partial or total loss of any data entered by its users.
  • Multiple accounts or duplicated listings will be removed immediately.

The website may hold a random check of the listings. In case of non-compliance with the web-site rules, e.g.: invalid information, non-responding contacts, watermarks on the photos, etc., access to the information on the property will be temporarily restricted with notice to the account holder.

The website reserves the right to make changes and additions to the current Terms of Use at our discretion.

If you have any questions as regards to the terms of usage, please Contact us.