What projects started in the 2022-23 season: part 4, Thalang.

What projects started in the 2022-23 season: part 4, Thalang.

Thalang is a popular area for construction, covering the entire northern part of Phuket. There are 6 large subdistricts, which are divided into smaller villages. At our website, the Thalang area includes quite a lot of objects located near Bang Tao, close to the Laguna and the beaches of Bang Tao and Layan. It is convenient to live here with the family or in case you require a little bit more privacy and don't mind spending 5-8 minutes driving every time you need to go somewhere.

Botanica Group has launched many projects, including those in Thalang:

Botanica Zen - the project was originally announced as Z, after which the developer had to apologize and change the name. This didn't stop them from quickly selling ten three-bedroom villas for 20.5 million baht.

Botanica Hillside are Tropical Balinese-style villas, 16 houses starting at 27 million baht, with 3 and 4 bedrooms. All were sold.

ALLTHAI is a project of the CMP company or in Russia known as GZHA. They have already built separate houses, built a sauna and are now building a whole village with infrastructure that will include all sorts of amenities and even a kindergarten. The cost is not low, starting from 30.4 million baht. There are 31 three-bedroom houses in the project, and sales are going strong.

Golden Andes is a project from a Thai developer. Quite simple, the price at the start was 11,880,000 baht, now it is 13,880,000.

Anchan Horizon is the project with 4-bedroom homes and prices start at 46 million baht.

The Gloria Villas is a project next to the Manik reservoir. A beautifully designed three-bedroom villa can be bought for 19,980,000 baht, with a furniture package and Smart Home system as a gift.

Menara Hill is a hillside village that uses the forest as part of its infrastructure, laying jogging tracks in it, building cafes and sites for glamping - an expensive recreation in tents. A three-bedroom villa will cost 25 million baht, and for this amount you can buy a ready-to-move in villa. Several phases are also under construction and the houses vary in design.

Asherah Villa: a second phase of construction has been announced with a cost of 21 million baht for a three-bedroom villa. Several houses are on sale now, from 23 million and 4 bedrooms - from 29 million baht.

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