Carnival Magic. New entertainment complex in Phuket

Carnival Magic. New entertainment complex in Phuket

Get ready for Carnival Magic!

Spanning across over 40 acres (100 rai) Phuket is gearing itself up for its next massive attraction, Carnival Magic.

Carnival Magic will be located in the area of Kamala next to the famous Phuket Fantasea. The theme will incorporate exotic carnival celebrations from around the world. This will most definitely be a fabulous addition to the Phuket entertainment scene. Something very different and unique to what we have seen out here previously.

This new theme park will cost over 5 billion Thai baht and will be divided into four zones, comprised of shopping streets, large fancy restaurants, massive theater, and stage as well as a light illumination secret garden. The aim is to attract around 1 million visitors per year and offer visitors something that is completely different.

The first zone to be called Carnival Funfair. This area is dedicated to an array of food stalls, shops, and has its own amusement area filled with rides. The amusement area will offer teacup rides, a race car track, a kids Ferris wheel and a carousel, sure to keep them entertained for hours while adults enjoy the other great features of the park.

The second zone is very different too. Guests will board a barge that hovers seven meters above the ground to transport them to the entrance. This entrance will open up on to restaurants. There will be two main restaurants, Bird of Paradise restaurant and River of Bliss restaurant, with a snacks and drinks kiosk called Burger Theatre.

The third zone, River Palace of Kamala is a 2,000 seat air-conditioned stadium with a full surround sound audio system and apparently will also include one of the largest theatre screens to ever be constructed for a theatrical event. Sounds very sophisticated and fancy. I am sure this will no doubt draw in the crowds, hence the large seating area provided. The fourth zone, The Kingdom of Lights will be Carnival Magic’s real show stopper, something so different and just spectacular. With over forty million lights, what a magical experience this will be for all. This is a secret garden that will be opened up by the prince each evening for guests to wander through and discover its many enchantments. I am sure many cannot wait to step inside and enjoy the fantasy theme park with all its delights.

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