What to buy in Phuket

What to buy in Phuket

Phuket is a dream of shopping-lovers known with it malls, markets and outlets. There are as many huge shopping centers as small local shops that offer national handicrafts from Phuket and other parts of Thailand.

Actually eyes blaze from the variety of choices, but let’s try to make a brief review of the “MUST BUY in Phuket” list. 

No doubts the top of the rating belongs to souvenirs. Phuket shopping is unthinkable without hand-made and factory-made mementos.

T-Shirts – is exactly what you should buy in Phuket. “Same same but different”, “No money – no honey”, “May the sauce be with you”, “Tap Snap or Nap The Choice is yours”, all these funny phrases are very popular in Phuket. So if you buy T-shirts with the sign, be sure your friends and relatives will appreciate it. 

Elephants – is a symbol of Thailand (it is called “chang” in the thai language), so it’s evident that the statue of elephant is one of the most popular things that people buy in Phuket. They are made of wood, stone, tin and other materials. The images of elephants are given to the persons whom you wish to be happy and lucky. 

Silk – is also produced in Thailand. Thai silk is a godsend for fashionistas: quality is high, price is reasonable, design is various.

Virgin Coconut oil – is the main product of beauty for Asian women, that is why their hairs are so thick and their skin is so soft. Honestly coconut oil can replace all expensive creams, lotions, masks you have used before and the result will be better than you expect.

Cashew Nuts – are the tastiest cashew nuts from all over the world. There are dozens of flavors in Phuket Cashew Factories and stores. The pack of it will a great gift for your family.

Tiger Balm – is an irreplaceable thing if you have a headache, muscle and joint pain.

Latex – is exactly what you need if you take care of your health and the health of your parents, children, lovers. It’s impossible to find 100% latex products in the countries where rubber trees are not grown because natural milky sap cannot be transported it gets thick in a couple of hours after being picked. The main advantage of natural latex products are their hypoallergenicity, purity and durability.

To tell the truth you’d better arrive with an empty suitcase in Phuket or be ready to buy additional one because Phuket shopping promises to be joyful and extremely pleasant. 

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