What to do in Phuket

What to do in Phuket

If you've made up your mind to arrive in Phuket, then you have posed the question: “Where to go in Phuket?”

We have tried to collect the best Phuket activities here and make your choices lighter.

Old Phuket Town – is a peace of Old Europe in Phuket. All buildings are built and decorated in Sino Portuguese Style and fully capture the attention. The streets are full of magic and mysterious spirit. If you spend at least a half day here, you will never regret it.

Phrompthep Cape – is the best sunset sightseeing point in Phuket. It is also some kind of a historical place. There is “an elephant temple” with a lot of elephants statues, garlands and the offerings on the top. Local businessmen believe that the place protect their business from being failed.  So don’t miss the opportunity to improve your financial situation.

Karon Viewpoint – is the most famous daytime viewpoint. The splendid scene on the 3 wonderful bays will make you impressed. It is the ideal place for great photographs. 

Big Buddha – is the highest Buddha statue open air in a sedentary posture in Asia. It is made from high-quality white marble and its small copy is made from gilding. Also you can try an elephant tracking across the jungle road nearby the aria.

Khao Rang Hill – is a picturesque observation point in the center of the island. There are two panoramic restaurants on the hill that are suitable for both family and romantic evenings.

Wat Chalong – is the greatest Buddhist temple in Phuket. It was built two centuries ago, and today it is visited by the both locals and travelers. Some people come here to pray, others visit the temple to get a fascinating experience. But independently on your motivation it is exactly the thing you should see in Phuket.

Bangla Road – is the brightest, funniest and most cheerful streets in Phuket. Go Go bars, Irish pubs, shops, markets, discos, cafes, restaurants, lady-boys and simply pretty ladies are condensed here. You should attend it at least once. 

Phuket Fantasea - of course, we cannot keep outside of this famous attraction from all over Asian world. Thai people call it “local Disney Land” because they believe this complex looks similar. Actually this park is the greatest, brightest and finest platform of amazing architecture in Phuket, and every touch of this creation puts into authentic culture-inspired world of Thailand.

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