15 reasons to deal with Phuketbuyhouse

15 reasons to deal with Phuketbuyhouse

In this “modern” day world, this is considered to be a world without borders”. It no longer matters where one lives or owns a business – now days modern technologies allow people live anywhere they wish, while still being able to successfully manage a business at their leisure.

Phuketbuyhouse was created for those who wish to spend their time on the sandy beaches of a tropical island. PhuketBuyHouse.com is now one of the leading websites on residential and commercial properties located within Phuket.

 - Our services are always free of charge. It is as simple as you going to our website, choosing a property that catches your eye and we will be here to assist you all the way. Prices as advertised are true prices and there are no hidden commissions or fees.

- PhuketBuyHouse offers one of the largest real estate directories in Phuket. Our experts have made it possible for you to search any type of property and this will display almost immediately: from land plots, apartments to luxury villas and houses as well as hotels in any part of the island.

- Our site is easy to navigate. A convenient search will help you to search within your desired budget, number of rooms required and preference to location. You also have the added advantage of calculating the price in any of the 20 worldwide currencies listed.

- We only work directly with owners, developers and management companies that allow us to offer the lowest possible prices under the best conditions.

- When buying a home abroad it is very important to comply with all legal formalities. We offer you the services of the most reliable and experienced lawyers so you do not have to worry about any of the legal intricacies thus giving you peace of mind that everything is being handled correctly.

- Our experts will advise you on all visa and tax features within the Thai law.

- If you are unsure in your choice, independent experts recommended by PhuketBuyHouse, will help to assess the actual condition of the property and calculate the cost of any necessary repairs or renovations.

- We will advise you on all issues and help you to assess as well as calculate the future profitability on the rental or resale should you decide to purchase.

- In case you are also interested in building on the island - our company has architectural and construction divisions readily available to work with you.

- To ensure a flow of consistent rental income, we will assist with rental and show you how this can be possible. Our consultants will offer you the best conditions and help you to advertise on the most visited listing website in Phuket.

- Would you like to stay at a luxury apartment while waiting for everything to be finalized? We will help you to choose the best accommodation to rent during this time.

- If you decide to purchase a property in Phuket via PhuketBuyHouse and your decision is final then our real estate agency will cover your air tickets expenses once all payment has been finalized.

- We will provide you with transfer to and from the airport to your place of residence. Once you feel rested one of our property consultants will pick you up and assist you with a viewing of the property. We will take you to the villa, condo or apartment of your choice. To ease your communication with us we'll give you a Thai SIM-card.

- All of our consultants living in Thailand have worked within the real estate industry for over 10 years. We will also answer any questions you may have about life in general in Phuket.

- We will gladly to tell you about the best places to visit on the island or nearby and assist with any bookings. Buying property in Thailand is another step towards happy life. To make your dream come true contact us today at PhuketBuyHouse.com

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