Negotiating The Best Deal

Negotiating The Best Deal

Market changes can provide buyers with an opportunity to negotiate a deal in favour of the purchaser. There are several things buyers need to know in order to win a favourable deal when looking at Phuket real estate.

Despite changes in any real estate market buyers and sellers still react inappropriately. For example sellers have been known to act as if market changes do not apply to their property. They then think that they do not need to adjust the price of their property. Many buyers tend to adopt the attitude that every owner is desperate to sell their property and make an offer well under market value. The important message here is to do your research carefully and work out what you can afford in detail so you do negotiate for precisely the right kind of home for you at a fair price.

The best bargaining tool is, a buyer should be well informed as to any recent comparable sales.

If you make an offer well under that of which the last similar property was sold for, it’s likely the seller won’t take you seriously or even want to deal with you. Of course the seller is likely to know what the last similar property went for.

If the property you are looking at has been on the market for more than a few months its quite likely that the seller has slacked on keeping the property spotless and has become tired of prospective clients viewing their property. At this point the seller may be most concerned about selling their property due to the number of viewers starting to drop off. This would be a good time to strike a reasonable bargain.

During times when markets have begun to cool off a little it’s not unreasonable to ask the seller to pay for new appliances for example a new washing machine and tumble dryer. Many sellers will be willing to purchase these in order to seal a deal.

A good tip is to not ask anything from the seller that requires good handiwork. For example if you ask the seller to repaint, the work is unlikely to be done well and probably won’t be done in a way that you imagined. Don’t forget to be reasonable in any request!

Take some care to analyse the whole situation when making a holiday home purchase and the kinds of Phuket real estate available for sale. If you are buying during a market change then you need to be thinking about staying in the new home for a good five years so don’t worry about slight price differences. Keep an eye on your aims of finding the home that you will be comfortable staying in for the length of time that you want to stay there for. There’s more to buying a holiday home than just wowing your friends with the incredible bargain you received.

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