Property Guide. Phuket Beachfront Villas

Property Guide. Phuket Beachfront Villas

You may be wondering if it is worth buying a beachfront villa in Phuket, then you are a wise person. Buying beachfront property in Phuket is a very serious decision, you need to think it over. We have tried to list the main advantages and disadvantages of being a beachfront villa owner in Phuket.


  1. Clean air, fresh seafood at any time – it’s known that salty sea air has a special curative effect on our body. In addition, the mild tropical climate in Phuket cures many diseases and prolong life. Moreover, who will refuse the opportunity to walk along the beach, breathe the fresh sea air, swim and take sunbathing at any time when one wants to get it.
  2. We should also mention about the benefits of living in a beachfront villa in Phuket if you have children (your own ones or relatives and friends): statistics show that children who have grown up in such a resort as Phuket with the mild weather, they are healthier and more stress resistant than their peers from big industrial cities.
  3. If you adore entertainments, the permanent holiday feeling that you are even ready to move in a disco or bar, then villas are definitely the property of your dream. You may be in the heart of a vivid nightlife and have a rest after parties in your great comfortable housing.
  4. Phuket has been in demand for several years, tourist from all over the world are in a hurry to visit this amazing island. Luxury villas are booked the entire year, so beachfront villas in Phuket are the right way to invest.


Actually these items cannot be called as “cons” but we will enumerate them. From some people’s point of view, it is not comfortable to be in Phuket in a peak season because the beaches are full of tourists. But to tell the truth, it depends on your personal point of view. So many people say it’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of new interesting and open-minded friends.

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