Quiet area for family living in Phuket. Part 1: Kathu.

Quiet area for family living in Phuket. Part 1: Kathu.

The 2022-2023 season has been wild and the beaches are filled with tourists. Some people do not like this, and the question arises: where to find a quiet place to live in Phuket?

Recommended for families with children: Kathu.

Yes, this area is not adjacent to the beaches, but it has a lot of other advantages:

  • An abundance of apartments and houses at unbeatable prices
  • Plenty of cafes and restaurants, as well as shops and markets designed for the local Thai population.
  • This is non-tourist Thailand, the way it can be seen in other cities.
  • Most popular international schools are 3-5 kilometers away.

If you chose Kathu, then it will be a stone's throw to:

  • Ikea
  • Chillva market
  • Central Festival Phuket
  • Andamanda Water Park


The closest beach to the area is Patong. Distance - 9-10 kilometers. Kamala Beach will also be close - a maximum of 18 kilometers via scenic mountain roads. Heading in the opposite direction, you can get to Ao Yon beach - about 14 kilometers.

The road to the airport - 48-50 km - takes an hour in the daytime.

The natural attraction of the area is the Kathu waterfall. You can hike amongst the serene beauty and fresh air as often as you like. And if you are interested in running, come to the Bang Wat reservoir in the morning or in the evening, there is enough space for all runners, and the atmosphere is peaceful.

Brief conclusion: if you have chosen a central international school for children, the Kathu area will be super convenient. Here you will find everything needed for family life.

What properties are available in the area?

Since Kathu is popular with locals, the apartments here are also budget-friendly. There are few resorts and complexes with houses, we sell and rent detached villas and inexpensive apartments in this area. Write or call if you like the Kathu area and are looking for accommodation there.

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