How to choose a real estate agent in Phuket?

How to choose a real estate agent in Phuket?

This question arises in the first place, as soon as you think about buying a property.

Why do you need an agent? Can I do without his help? How do you know if an agent is reliable?

Of course, you can do without the help of an agent, and you can independently find a property for yourself. Nobody calls for buying only through an agency.

But any conduct of transactions with real estate requires significant efforts and time from its owner, as well as the availability of special knowledge, in this case, it is knowledge of the English language and Thai Legislation. However, not everyone has the ability and desire to delve into all these subtleties and deal with the laws and the real estate market in Thailand. Therefore, if you do not want to do this on your own, then you should think about contacting a professional.

Usually, in relation to agents, we think in stereotypes that they will deceive us, they only want to make money on us, and after making a deposit, the agent will immediately disappear. Yes, this can be, unfortunately, no one is immune from this. And in this case, in order to minimize such situations, it is better to contact trusted real estate agencies in Phuket.

How do you know if this agency is good?

First, it is the work experience, how long this company has been operating in the real estate market. The easiest way is to check this information on the Internet.

Secondly, these are permitting documents. When contacting a real estate selection company in the territory of another state, it is important that this company is registered and authorized to carry out its activities in Thailand.

You can always request documents on company registration, and any employee is obliged to provide them to you. In Thailand, foreign employees must have a Work Permit, which must also be provided to you upon request.

Also, the qualifications of the agents are important. In Thailand, according to the law, agents do not need to obtain a certificate or license, this creates a certain risk, but after talking for more than ten minutes, you will immediately understand how much this or that agent is aware of the real estate market in Phuket.

If the agency meets all these criteria, then you can safely start cooperation and not worry about your money.

Of course, another important aspect when choosing an agent is psychological compatibility. With your agent, you should be comfortable, you literally have to understand each other from half a word, because we are still talking about buying a place to live. We don't make such purchases every day.

There are not many agencies in Phuket that are able to provide you with qualified services, despite the fact that the Internet is replete with offers for the sale of real estate on the island.

Phuket Buy House is one of the few companies that can provide you with all documents and provide a full range of services. It is important to understand that Phuket Buy House agents will accompany you throughout the entire transaction, which freelancers or one-day companies certainly will not do.

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Also, we provide services for the sale of your property. If you are already the owner of real estate in Phuket and want to profitably sell your property, then our agency provides a full range of services, from posting an ad on the website and other advertising platforms to private mailing to all our potential clients. You can place your object yourself by clicking on the link or leaving a request on our website.

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