Become an expert in Phuket luxury villas

Become an expert in Phuket luxury villas

There is a diverse selection of luxury homes for sale in Phuket. To better understand the options available and what to expect this article will cover some of the characteristics of the various grades of villas available.

In general, luxury villas are classified as high-end and will incorporate features such as a comprehensive sea view. A property should be easily accessible and located in a secure neighbourhood that gives decent privacy to the occupants. The building should have a good level of decoration, layout and design.

Luxury villas are expected to have a reliable standard of build with suitable materials and incorporating features such as fitness and sport areas and of course a swimming pool.  

The Majority of villas in Phuket are situated in a gated community. There are less numbers of luxury homes for sale in Phuket that are completely detached. A large number of villas include a rental programme with professional management.

Villas built on beachfront locations with excellent sea views are considered prime location villas. The villa should be of high specification with a private pool and large indoor and outdoor living spaces. For a 4 bedroom villa the price will commonly start from USD 3 million. These villas often include professional management and an exhaustive range of other facilities.

Following prime location villas are luxury. Prices typically start from USD 1 million and are mostly located in sparse developments affording good levels of seclusion. Expected locations of such properties are some prime locations, hillsides or close to the beach offering sea views. Again luxury villas have a good level of build and finish. The vast majority of villas will have a private swimming pool, comprehensive facilities and professional management.

Also considered as villas, there are a good number of semi-detached houses and townhouses, the most well sought after being around the Laguna area. Although many of these properties do not have a sea view they do have a good level of construction and many facilities. Prices commonly start from around USD 500,000.

There are a growing number of luxury homes for sale in Phuket that fall under the branded hotel category. These are villa projects facilitated by top rated and branded hotel operators. One of these developments is situated around the Laguna area. These branded properties in Phuket start from around USD 750,000 and up to USD 2 million for a top of the range property.

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