Phuket - the choice of freelancers!

Phuket - the choice of freelancers!

2020 - 2021 brought huge changes with it, but at the same time opened up new opportunities for many. If earlier remote work was a pipe dream for many, now the situation has changed dramatically. In 2020, companies massively transferred employees to remote work, and some countries introduced special visas for foreigners working remotely.

In just a year, working outside the office has become a new form of life, which means that more and more people can choose their place to their liking. And spend the winter months on the warm islands and discover new countries.

Phuket, like Bali, the Dominican Republic has always been an attractive place for both freelancers and winterers, but the new realities put Phuket in the first place, this is primarily due to security, the lack of a widespread virus, and the rapid response of the state.

Also, if we take the standard criteria that determine the choice of a place, such as the cost of living, friendliness to foreigners, quality of the Internet, ecology, climate, and natural attractions, then Phuket gets a plus in all respects!

Let's look in more detail, firstly, the cost of living, despite the fact that Phuket has always been considered the most expensive place to live in Thailand, it remained more accessible than most European countries, Singapore and South America. And at this stage, the cost of living by some criteria has become even more affordable, this primarily concerns rental housing, prices for entertainment, and fruit.

Being friendly to foreigners, Thais have always been disposed towards foreign citizens due to their mentality and religion. And in order not to speculate on this topic for a long time, it is enough to give one example of 2020, when the world faced an epidemic and many were left homeless or lost their jobs, firstly, the Thais introduced a visa amnesty so that foreigners can safely stay in the Kingdom during the first months ... In Thailand, there was a free food distribution for everyone. Also, many landlords have reduced the payment or even removed it for several months. And this is not a complete list.

And of course, ecology and climate, there are no harmful industries in Phuket, the tropical island will give you only fresh sea air, and the temperature does not drop below 27 degrees.

How to get to Phuket now?

At the moment, several types of visas are available to foreigners: work, elite, tourist visa, and retirement visa. The only drawback is the mandatory quarantine. But if you are planning a trip from July 1, 2021, then Phuket Island will be open to vaccinated tourists.

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