Botanica Luxury Villas. The crisis will end, and the Villa in Phuket will remain

Botanica Luxury Villas. The crisis will end, and the Villa in Phuket will remain

When, if not in a crisis, to buy real estate in Phuket. Any crisis tends to end, and only you can decide who you will be after the crisis - the owner of a luxury villa or a simple consumer.

Botanica Luxury Villas

An apartment by the sea sounds nice, but a villa by the sea sounds even better, doesn't it?

Buying a villa is always a certain risk, and the choice must be approached with great care. And in order to avoid additional risks and problems, it is better to turn to professionals.

Botanica Luxury Villas today is one of the largest villa projects in Phuket, it is 10 phases of villas, from one of the best architects in Thailand - Khun Attasit.

About the company

Architecture Properties & Development has been building luxury villas on the island since 2005, led by renowned Thai architect Attasit Intarahoti, who designs luxury real estate projects such as private homes, apartment buildings, and luxury villas.

AAP Architecture has been honored with numerous awards such as the Best Luxury Villa in Phuket 2018 from the Dot Property Thailand Awards, the Best Architectural Home Design 2018, and the Best Housing Project 2018 from the Thailand Real Estate Awards.

These are the guarantees of quality and excellence that make this project the most top-notch in Phuket.


Botanica Luxury Villas Phase 1 - Sold.

Botanica Luxury Villas Phase 2 - Sold.

Botanica Luxury Villas Phase 3 - Sold.

Botanica the Residence - Sold.

Botanica Bangtao Beach - Sold.

Botanica Elegance - Sold.

Botanica The valley - Sold.

Botanica The nature - Sold.

Botanica The lakeside

Botanica Foresta


Botanica is today the most desirable address in Phuket, the entire project is located in the Bang Tao and Layan beach areas, surrounded by mountainous landscapes and tropical forests.

Bang Tao is, first of all, the Laguna District, with its many entertainment, restaurants, boutiques, spa centers, golf courses, and many other advantages.

The beach itself is 8 kilometers of white sand and gentle sea. Bang Tao is perfect for both adults and children, due to its gentle entrance to the sea and developed beach infrastructure. Layan Beach, on the other hand, is much smaller, but no less attractive, it is a bay protected on both sides by rocks and forests of the national project.

The Bang Tao area is actively developing, new shopping centers, water parks, restaurants, schools, and kindergartens appear.


Why Botanica?

  • Quality.
  • Individual approach.
  • Flexible payment plan to support overseas buyers.
  • Individual design of each villa.
  • Each villa takes about 12 months to build.
  • For investors, the company offers a guaranteed rental income program.

To date, there are very few offers available, almost all villas have been sold, so even during the crisis, Botanica Luxury Villas is launching new phases, stay tuned for updates on

About villas

Each Botanica luxury villa is set around a natural stone-tiled pool with a gazebo, terrace, and spacious garden. Each villa is designed according to your personal wishes.

Everything here is thought out to the smallest detail, these villas are worth seeing only once, and you will love them forever.

Much attention is paid to the spatial part, smooth transitions, and the creation of natural comfort.

The style of each phase is unique, but similarities can be seen in each villa. It is a mix of Thai, Balinese and European culture.

You can get up-to-date information about price by leaving your request.

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