Freehold and its Features.

Freehold and its Features.

Freehold land ownership, referred to as either "Chanote" or "Nor Sor 4" in Thailand, represents the most extensive and secure type of property ownership available. Here are the specific details and features of freehold ownership:

1. Absolute Ownership Rights: Those who hold freehold property enjoy the utmost level of ownership rights, granting them complete and unrestricted authority over both the property and the land it occupies. This encompasses the entitlement to utilize, occupy, sell, lease, mortgage, and pass down the property through inheritance.

2. Inheritance: Freehold properties can be transferred to heirs, whether they are Thai citizens or foreigners who meet the eligibility criteria. Inheritance laws are applicable to freehold land, facilitating a seamless transfer of property within families.

3. Transferability: Owners of freehold properties have the liberty to transfer ownership through various means, including purchasing, selling, leasing, transferring, or mortgaging, with relatively few restrictions. The flexibility inherent in freehold ownership enhances its appeal for both investment and personal use purposes.

4. Precise Boundaries: Typically, a Chanote title deed, a common form of freehold title in Thailand, includes precisely defined boundaries indicated by GPS coordinates. This ensures clarity in property boundaries and reduces the risk of boundary disputes.

5. Limited Foreign Ownership: Foreign ownership of freehold land is subject to particular limitations. For example, in condominiums, foreign ownership is commonly capped at 49% of the overall floor area.

6. Preferred Ownership Method: Due to the security and the extensive rights it affords, freehold ownership is widely esteemed as the most secure and preferred form of land ownership, appealing to both Thai citizens and foreigners.

7. Legal Consultation: Considering the intricate nature of land ownership laws and regulations in Thailand, it is strongly recommended that individuals, whether they are Thai citizens or foreigners, seek our counsel of experienced property lawyers and real estate professionals when engaging with freehold properties. Legal guidance can effectively navigate the complexities and guarantee adherence to Thai legal requirements.


In summary, freehold ownership in Thailand offers the highest level of property rights, including absolute control, inheritance rights, and transferability. While it is accessible to eligible foreigners under specific conditions, it's essential to seek our legal guidance to navigate the intricacies of Thai land ownership laws and regulations effectively.

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