What is Phuket villa?

What is Phuket villa?

Current real estate market is full of vivid advertising offering plenty of Phuket villas for sale. Many people associate villas with a luxurious urban and suburban housing, which is characterized by high comfort and extremely high price.

But just few people know the true definition of such property type as Phuket villas. This article will tell you what the term "villa" means and how to choose best residential object of the island.

Today villa is synonymous with luxury and comfort, but in many centuries ago villa was considered as any residential building located out of town. The original meaning of the word is “village". The first buildings appeared in ancient Rome. Only wealthy merchants lived in villas, but when emperors began to equip their daily life with necessary facilities and appreciated country relaxing, they started setting up villas in the most beautiful outside the city limits and they looked like modern cottages.

Despite plenty of different styles of architectural projects, all contemporaneous villas have some common features which are inherent in this type of real estate. Let us take a closer look at them.

Marble as a material for decoration and facing.

Modern villa is a detached object, as well as the entire composition of objects.

Own land as a mandatory attribute of villa.

Most of contemporary villas have not got more than two floors.

Picturesque and scenic location (preferably on the beachfront).

Well-developed infrastructure.


Nowadays the notion has begun acquiring certain principles of standardization. Those estates are being built now rarely have three floors and they are designed only for permanent residence or renting.

As it has already been mentioned before, the most essential factor if choosing dwelling is location. Do not forget to take in consideration style and technology which were used during construction. The most expensive representatives of this kind of houses are located by the sea. 

If you want your life to be in full swing, you should buy your own villa. Modern real estate market is so various, and on Phuket there are so many beautiful places given those emotions that are necessary for each person to live comfortably. Price proposals are also designed for a wide range of buyers.

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