How to increase price of your property in Phuket

How to increase price of your property in Phuket

You have property in Phuket but do not have an idea how to sell it more profitably. There are many sites describing specific features of property for sale but again it does not work. Then we are going to tell you one of the modern selling tricks which can help you to offer your property and make it attractive.

Any real estate is a commodity. Moreover it is a very expensive commodity. And if to do right preparations of this product, it may bring a tidy sum of money. So if the decision to sell housing has made, it is necessary to treat this issue with utmost seriousness.

The main task is spending less and saving money to make an apartment or villa more likable for potential buyers. We can prepare our residence for sale by means of home staging. Home staging is used for naming a set of acts creating a sense of comfort and well-being of particular estate. It also makes buyers convinced in appropriateness of the purchase, turns your dwelling to the most liquid commodity and selling price of property increase. In comparison with expensive and exclusive repair, home staging is justified and repaid many times over.  

The point is how to use this method in a correct way and not to harm purchasers’ image. In order to make this technology your ally you should follow five basic principles. 

Cleanness - rooms should be washed and cleaned. Any trash kills the sense of space and causes only negative emotions. Move away as many personal belongings as it is possible.

Lighting - the key to successful sales. Lighting affects the sense of volume. The darker rooms, the less they seem. Brightness rouses a feel of novelty. Dullness arouses feeling of dejection.

Furniture arrangement – there should not be many pieces of furniture. It should be matched to the interior. On the other hands, it will be a great mistake to show empty housing. Chairs, beds, cupboards and other objects can emphasize functionality of space. 

Colour – it is better to use light and soft tints. There are special techniques that help effectively position a little area and make space look lager.

Smell - must cause positive emotions and a feel of comfort. Aromas are very important for both mental and physical states. Use such fragrances as vanilla, cinnamon, bergamot.

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