Phuket Golf Courses

Phuket Golf Courses

It’s not necessary to be a golf-lover to rent a luxury villa or condo in Phuket Golf Courses. But if you are a golfer, then you’ve gotten one more essential reason to buy a property in golf courses of Phuket. 

Some people believe that golf courses are a kind of divine inspiration combined with clean beaches and thousands of sunny days the entire year. We must agree with them; they are absolutely right.

Phuket is one of the most popular resort for golfers, it causes due to its great climate that allows visitors to play golf all within a year and developed infrastructure on the island.

There are such modern famous golf courses in Phuket as Loch Palm (LP), Blue Canyon (BC), Mission Hills (MH), Laguna Golf Club (LGC), Country Club (CC) and Red Mountain (RM). They are actually located in the north and central sides of this amazing island.

You may be still confused and try to get why golf courses in Phuket are worth to see and it’d better to invest in them. We will make it clear right now. The point is golf courses in Phuket have beautiful golf villas and apartments, residential complexes and condominiums where you will get everything what you need for the both living and holidays. Beautiful nature, splendid views, calmness, privacy and safety, communication with people who are mad about golf is suitable not only for professional golfers, but for ordinary citizens also. By the way, nowadays it’s fashionable to go in for healthy life-style and stay in healthy clubs and communities.

Here is a brief review of the most well-known Phuket golf courses.

LP is situated in Kathu between Patong and Town, and considered as the most restful and relaxing place for holidays. The villas have private pools and picturesque view on the lake.

RM is just a few steps from the previous golf course, it is a brand new club and one of the best ones in Asia.

BC is in the north part of Phuket, there are two golf courses here that are built in 90s. BC is the only golf course in the world where prestigious Johnnie Walker Classic competition was carried out thrice.

LGC is located in a popular resort. All LG properties are surrounded with tropical plants and have a scenic view at lakes and lagoons. Every unit are luxury furnished and offers various amenities that are available only for LGC members.

The bottom line is you will get a lot of benefits in case you will invest in golf property in Phuket. Using search criteria on our website, you can choose a fascinating property in Phuket golf courses.




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