How to prepare an apartment for sale and viewing

How to prepare an apartment for sale and viewing

Selling an apartment in Phuket is no less filigree art than buying real estate on the island. In order to become a seller of a liquid apartment, you need to prepare the apartment for sale. We hope this article will help you navigate the steps that will help you sell your wonderful property on a profitable basis.

A very important point, which many owners forget, is that you are selling an apartment, and you are primarily interested in making the deal go through. Therefore, the apartments must be available for viewing at any time of the day or night.

This is not a whim or a whim - many potential clients do not have much time on the island to adjust to your schedule. And if your object cannot be visited, then there will be a dozen other owners who are more efficient in their actions. If it is inconvenient for you to constantly be present at the show, then leave the keys to your broker and simply ask to notify you about the planned showings.

As strange as it may sound, it is better not to be present during the show. The buyer will feel constrained, he will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable to invade your personal space, and, accordingly, he will not be able to appreciate the housing at its true worth. Also, a trusting relationship is built between the agent and the client, but you will act as an unknown new person, in whose presence it will be difficult for the buyer to relax and ask questions of interest, and the realtor, in turn, will not get the opportunity to demonstrate all the advantages of the proposed object.

Make sure the apartment makes a positive first impression. Inside and outside there must be cleanliness, order, neatness (windows are washed, unpleasant odors excluded, etc.).

Make sure the apartment is ready for display: remove all personal belongings, piles of unwashed dishes, rubbish, toys, magazines, shoes. In other words, there should be no feeling that someone is living here at the moment.

Rooms should be ventilated and cooled with an air conditioner. Use light fragrances or air fresheners to eliminate otherworldly odors.

Close the pet, if available, for the duration of the show. People are all different: some adore cats and dogs, while others cannot stand them. One way or another, the smell from a pet should not bother when entering an apartment, otherwise, you risk losing a client from the first step into your apartment.

The lights must be on even if the show is in the daytime. This will help to visually increase the space.

Make cosmetic repairs, refresh walls, ceilings, doors, and doorknobs - in a word, make people want to buy into your apartment.

No rubbish and skins from the banana you ate yesterday - everything should be in perfect condition for the eyes and nose.

Be in touch. The buyer may have a question that the broker will not have an answer to

Summing up, it is worth noting the following: when preparing an apartment for sale, remember how you are going to the most important meeting in your life, how you do not lose sight of a single trifle, how tasty and fresh you look, smell nice and speak beautifully, and do the same with the apartment.

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