Kamala Phuket Real Estate's Unique Cliff-Top Properties

Kamala Phuket Real Estate's Unique Cliff-Top Properties

Kamala Phuket real estate features miles of majestic hills and cliffs on which sit unique hilltop houses found nowhere else in Phuket.

The main road from Patong to Kamala curves gently up and around these hills and on many of the side roads can you find interesting properties hidden away.

If stunning and breezy elevated views across tree tops to the sea beyond look good then Kamala’s special hilltop residences are going to provide exquisite levels of comfort.

Kamala is famous for its collection of exclusive villas that command the best views from these hilltops. The multimillion dollar properties that line this area are proof that there is something really special about Kamala!

What Makes Kamala So Trendy?

Kamala has an idyllic atmosphere making for the perfect seaside lifestyle. It’s more quiet than its neighbour Patong, but still has a good selection of bars, restaurants and other recreational spots. It is very close to the party capital of Phuket, Patong. A night out in thrilling Patong is literally only minutes away.

The ideal spot for a relaxing holiday is a quiet area, away from the crowds yet having everything you need nearby. This is Kamala.

The area around Kamala is hilly and it’s difficult to build on so there is an abundance of greenery. Kamala is filled with tall trees, huge tropical ferns and all manner of beautiful plants. Very pleasing to the eye!

North of Kamala several other romantic beaches are set along a winding coast road. The next main beach is Surin which is better than the other beaches only because there is more of it to go around! Surin beach is just a ten minute drive from Kamala.

Where to go in Kamala

To give an idea of the pace of life in Kamala, the village is host to Phuket’s only lawn bowling club. At the Kamala Lawn Bowling Club one can almost feel time come to a stand-still as you watch the balls roll almost sleepily towards their marks. Here anyone can enjoy a quiet drink, chit-chat and some friendly competition in a relaxing environment.

The most well-known spot in Kamala (other than the beach) is The Phuket Fantasea Show. This night-time show and themed village provides an absorbing and entertaining glimpse of Thai heritage. On the huge site is a 4000 seat theme restaurant that provides an international and Thai buffet. The show itself is a Las Vegas inspired show of dancing elephants and traditional Thai arts. There are plenty of fun games and shops in a carnival style to compliment the show.

For those serious about relaxation then there are plenty of excellent spas, Yoga and meditation training centres in Kamala.

There are of course many other things to do in Kamala, all sorts of tour agencies, shops, pubs, bars and restaurants. If anymore variety is needed then the nearby towns of Patong and Bang Tao will have anything anyone ever needed.

Lord of All You Survey at This Original 5-Bed Kamala Cliff Villa

Enjoy the comforts of a modern high-spec home in undisturbed serenity, listen to the sounds of rustling leaves and feel the soothing touch of fresh ocean breezes. Take a few moments to gaze without thought or care whilst sipping on an ice cold drink at the world that looks so peaceful below. At your fingertips are all the latest mod-cons like underwater pool speakers, European style kitchen, all lovingly crafted with the highest quality Maka wood floors, imported furnishings and landscaped gardens.

If you would like to know more about unique properties like these for sale, please contact our real estate agency today.

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