More Investors Taking Advantage of Phuket Property Prices

More Investors Taking Advantage of Phuket Property Prices

Phuket’s property prices and popularity is stronger than ever and continues to offer a wide choice of investment options.

Asia is the land of contrasts and Phuket is no exception. Thanks to this diversity there are viable low-budget properties rising to draw-dropping multi-million dollar mansions that would make even the most hard-core investment banker weak at the knees.

Investing in Phuket can be extremely rewarding and not just on a financial level. A well-informed approach focused on local property law will create a trouble-free purchase that becomes a lifetime asset.

Is Phuket Property Special?

How special would you feel waking in the morning, opening the bedroom door leading to a private infinity pool overlooking the ocean and diving in for a quick swim before breakfast and coffee?  

Ask any owner how much they value time spent in their luxury Phuket condo or villa and having all the wonderful things Phuket has to offer on their doorstep. They would probably say that these moments are very special indeed.  

If owners of Phuket property feel their time spent in the property makes them feel great, then imagine how easy it is to rent these properties out for most of the year.

As Phuket is literally “the pearl of the Andaman,” the island receives special attention from the central government in Bangkok. In real terms this translates into some tangible forms of property development restrictions that effectively preserve the natural environment of Phuket.

What’s All the Fuss about Anyway?

Phuket is a premier destination in Asia making for a great permanent base, holiday home or a place to retire. Phuket’s airport makes it easy to fly around the region and provides direct flights to most other parts of the world.

Premier destination means premier properties that attract valuable clients and all that they bring with them. In Phuket’s case this means a significant demand exists for various premier goods and services. Amongst these are international standards of medical care, private schooling, yachting facilities, world class golf courses, boutique hotels, fine dining and a great number of other products and services. All of this is provided in Phuket, enriched by the Thai attitude of providing warm and generous hospitality.

A premier destination Phuket maybe but compared to Europe and other major Asian cities like Hong Kong and Singapore the cost of living can be much lower.

Condo Prices in Brief

Entry level properties, specifically condos or share-based properties can come with rental guarantees or demonstrate investment potential in their own right. Some of these properties may not be close to the beach but are still suitable as holiday rentals because they grant easy access to several different areas. One bed condos like these start at around 1.5 million THB.

The starting price for a condo within walking distance to the beach is around 2 million THB.

On the more luxurious side are condos that have a very large living area, with their own private pool, sea views and close to a good beach. Properties like these can start at 3-4 million THB.

Our Phuket real estate website provides listings of carefully selected properties that meet and exceed the criteria for an investment property or really special holiday home.

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