Making Safer Outbound Investments

Making Safer Outbound Investments

Safely navigate paths towards securing property overseas with real estate agency whose staff can provide impartial services and give you an investment advantage.

A Place in the Sun and a Healthy Investment

A place in the sun to call your own for many of us is a dream come true. With help from experts at PhuketBuyHouse anyone can overcome the challenges of investing in property overseas, in easy and manageable steps. Get in touch with us for valuable advice and in the mean-time here are some important areas that we think will make sense to you.

Independent Lawyers for Peace of Mind

An independent lawyer is one who represents your interests and no one else’s. Incorporate into your budget the fees for a lawyer and you certainly don’t want to cut costs when it comes to hiring legal advice. Remember that it is the lawyer’s job to guard your interests and to keep you informed. Even if the purchase seems simple and straightforward always have the lawyer represent you each step of the way.

Number Crunching

Be certain of your budget limits before looking at purchases. With many good deals and potential returns available for off-plan properties it may be tempting to break your budget if you think you can sell off-plan properties before completion. Only if you completely understand the risk-reward relationship with off-plan properties should you consider discarding your original budget.  

If you are borrowing money consider that long term repayments may vary over the years so consult a financial specialist before going ahead.

Making the Most of Exchange Rates

Exchange rates don’t have to experience a major change to influence the value of your purchase. Consider that a 10% drop in the value of your currency may result in a property going over your budget. Consulting foreign exchange specialists and securing your rate of exchange as soon as possible will help with this issue.

Ask Questions First, Sign Later

Research the companies and ask plenty of questions about the companies you will be getting involved with. Be sure to ask questions about the companies themselves rather than the properties. A good place to start is to look at the people who created the company and their track record. Feel free to ask for their terms of business, in writing.  

In recent years more people have brought property overseas as an investment. Remember that high returns may come with risk. Properly considering the possible downsides alongside the benefits of an investment property will give you the best chance of making the right investment.

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