Phuket Investment Properties, Safe as Houses!

Phuket Investment Properties, Safe as Houses!

Phuket’s property market continues to grow and has a bright future which makes for an exciting opportunity to acquire an investment property.  

At there is a section dedicated exclusively to investment properties. These specialised listings are carefully selected by professional staff who can demonstrate a working understanding of what kind of properties make a reliable investment.

From Fishing and Farming to Millionaires Mansions

From its humble beginnings as a quiet fishing and farming community, in the last 40 years Phuket has seen tremendous changes. Today Phuket has an international airport (PIA) that provides direct flights to most of the world. Since 2011 the number of international flights to Phuket surpassed that of domestic ones and the number of international flights has continued to grow. To demonstrate the continuing expansion of Phuket, PIA is currently building a new terminal that will further increase its capacity.

In order to support and provide for the growing number of arrivals to the island Phuket has a diverse selection of international standard medical, schooling, housing and recreational facilities. High on the local government’s agenda is to upgrade the road network and many major projects to increase road capacity are underway and pipelined for the future.

Other areas of Phuket that were originally outside of the tourist market are now thriving business and retail sites seeing a lot of investment by traditionally Bangkok based companies.

At first Phuket was attractive purely because of its beaches and natural beauty. Many investors foresaw its potential for rapid growth and began to develop the island. Nowadays Phuket has evolved into a hugely popular holiday destination that provides a wonderful contrast of tropical beaches with the latest western-inspired amenities. Thankfully the Thai’s also have their own suite of comforts that contribute to the rich culture of the island.

The Lions Share

The area around Bang Tao commands the lion’s share of the property market in Phuket. This is due to the proximity to the airport and the many beaches and golf courses close by. In this area you will find all sorts of property and concentrations of high-end properties including branded or hotel managed ones. Being close to the airport (but not too close) is important because many of the wealthy regular visitors to Phuket stay for a week-end or so and fly back to their base in Hong Kong or the surrounding region.

As an example there is a luxury condo development that has begun construction near Layan Beach which is just north of Bang Tao. The property is on a hill with excellent sea views, is built and designed to a luxury standard.  

Our real estate agency has many more investment opportunities like this and our staff would be delighted to help you find just the right one.

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