Luxury Property in Phuket; for the Serious Entertainer Only

Luxury Property in Phuket; for the Serious Entertainer Only

For those serious about entertaining guests whilst living in utter privacy and kingly comfort, luxury property in Phuket is irresistible and addictive.

Celebrity Status and Tycoon Approval

Hollywood superstars and multinational business tycoons give their seal of approval to Phuket. When it comes to providing high-flyers with a lifestyle experience that equals or betters ultra-luxury holiday destinations like Monaco and the Caribbean, Phuket provides a distinguished alternative.

The properties that can accommodate the epic needs of tempestuous supermodels and unrelenting business moguls must provide an out-of-this-world place to stay in this eastern paradise.

Of course this sensational lifestyle experience is also available to anyone and not just superstars! If you would like to share the kind of incredible holidays that superstars do, you can find exciting choices and amazing places to stay here at

There are a range of breath-taking properties in Phuket that meet the requirements for seclusion, natural beauty, architectural excellence, facilities and solid build here in Phuket.  

Villa Liberty, Freedom to Let Your Hair Down in Style

Perched on a secluded cliff top with an energising and gentle ocean breeze, Villa Liberty was created for a specific purpose. The purpose was to create a place of harmony to nourish the human spirit, allowing it to work, rest, play and entertain to unordinary high levels.  

Majestically spread over 5 levels this 1213 meter squared villa sits discretely hidden away among Phuket’s Millionaires Mile where other luxurious properties can be found and but none are quite like this. As you would expect nearby are incredible beaches, outstanding places to eat drink and be merry.  

The French are well known for their style and flair. The Paris based architect who designed Villa Liberty has certainly added more than a just touch of French chic to this creation. Those staying at this property can indeed count their blessings as they enjoy a luxurious pampering in a serine and peaceful setting.

Villa Yin

Imagine waking to a clear and cool morning after a refreshing night’s sleep in total comfort. After rising you descend the private stairway and take a thrilling dip into a naturally sheltered and shallow area of sea. Around you would only be the people you personally chose to share it with, or share with no other. This is just one of the countless inspiring features on Villa Yin, also on Millionaires Mile in Phuket.

If you decide to stay at a villa of remarkable standards in Phuket, unforgettable experiences like this can be yours to keep. Who knows, you might even get a chance to have a friendly chat and exchange telephone numbers with someone like Paris Hilton or Mick Jagger…

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