Gardens of Eden Phuket: A Luxurious Oasis of Tranquility and Sustainability

Gardens of Eden Phuket: A Luxurious Oasis of Tranquility and Sustainability

Nestled along the prestigious Bang Tao Beach in Phuket, the Gardens of Eden project stands as a testament to the seamless integration of opulence, environmental consciousness, and community well-being. With two distinct phases – Eden Residence and Park Residence – this visionary development spans a sprawling 52,000 square meters of meticulously landscaped parks and gardens, creating a harmonious blend of nature and luxury living. In this article, we explore the unparalleled features, prime location, and exceptional facilities that make Gardens of Eden a distinguished gem in the heart of Phuket.

Prime Location:

The Gardens of Eden is conveniently situated just 50 meters away from the famous Bang Tao Beach, granting residents exclusive access to the unspoiled Andaman Sea coastline. Positioned within a brief 5-minute stroll from Laguna Phuket, the development strategically provides a tranquil escape while remaining close to necessary amenities. Phuket International Airport is easily reachable with a convenient 30-minute drive, ensuring smooth travel for both residents and visitors.

Phases and Green Spaces:

1. Eden Residence:

The first phase, Eden Residence, sets the tone for luxurious living. Comprising thoughtfully designed residences, this phase seamlessly blends with the lush surroundings, offering a tranquil haven for those seeking a sophisticated retreat. Residents of Eden Residence are treated to a picturesque view of the meticulously landscaped gardens and the azure lakes that define the project.

2. Park Residence:

Adjacent to Eden Residence, the Park Residence introduces a new dimension to luxury living. With an expansive 52,000 square meters of park and gardens, encompassing 8,000 square meters of lakes and ponds, residents residing in Park Residence encounter the pinnacle of natural beauty. The design ethos emphasizes the creation of a sustainable and eco-friendly environment without compromising on the elegance and comfort expected from a premium development.

Exceptional Facilities:

1. Medical Wellness Center by COCO:

Spanning approximately 5,000 square meters, the medical wellness center by COCO offers a holistic approach to well-being.Including a spa, gym, mind and body studios, vitality pool, yoga sala, meditation gardens, and an organic farm, residents have the opportunity to immerse themselves in revitalizing experiences within their community.

2. Kids World:

Families with children will appreciate the comprehensive Kids World facilities, including a two-story kids club, indoor and outdoor adventure playgrounds, trampoline, Lego zone, donut slide, sand garden, and a kids' pool with a small aqua park. It's a vibrant space designed to nurture the creativity and happiness of the youngest residents.

3. Club Houses and Blue Lagoon:

The project boasts two clubhouses, each located strategically for residents' convenience. The first, near the blue lagoon, offers a pool with white sand and a lounge zone with sunbeds for relaxation. The second, positioned at the biggest pool and lake, provides a restaurant, pool deck with sunbeds, changing rooms, and a turf area for socializing.

4. Diverse Dining and Business Facilities:

Gardens of Eden features an array of dining options, including five restaurants and a sky bar. A business center with a grocery store at the first level ensures that residents have easy access to essential services without leaving the community.

5. Green Spaces and Outdoor Amenities:

The project offers a meticulously designed park with walking and running trails, exotic waterfalls, and gardens showcasing over 100 species of blooming bushes and flowers. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities, including an outdoor running and trim trail and a community park.

The Gardens of Eden initiative in Phuket stands out as an embodiment of sustainable luxury living, emphasizing the appreciation and seamless integration of the natural beauty in its surroundings into every facet of the development. With careful attention to detail, top-notch amenities, and a dedication to environmental stewardship, Gardens of Eden establishes a fresh benchmark for residential excellence in one of Thailand's most sought-after locations. As the project evolves, it pledges not only residences but a lifestyle that aligns with nature, enhancing the notion of contemporary tropical living.

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