Activities in Patong: everything you need to know

Activities in Patong: everything you need to know

Patong is considered as the most well-known seaside holiday place in entire Phuket. Endless varieties of nightlife make it a perfect place for vivid parties and crazy hanging out. There are hundreds of clubs, fine restaurants, interesting bars and discos located in the famous walking road called Bangla. However, a large plot of area is quite quiet corners.

It is certainly true to say that this disctrict is the main touristic center on the lovely island attracted millions of foreign guests. A huge variety of hotels, apartments, villas for staying in the zone makes everyone fall in love with Patong at first sight.

Where to stay in Patong.

Sea-front road - is a very convenient location, there are lots of guesthouses, apartment hotels, villas and even rooms with beautiful sea views here. This part is a center of the region. Having stayed here a person is going to be in the epicenter of joyous events. When it comes to prices, sometimes they are beyond of means and may bite you if you are not ready to overpay. The fact is everyone wants to spend time here and demand sometimes outgrows supply.

Nanai Road – has a snake-like shape and lies at the beggining of Patong Hill. The area can be counted relatively calm and silent, is remote from dazzle lights and bright fireworks of Bangla.

Road Rat-u-Thit - includes an unusual blend of pubs, bars, restaurants, average costs of housing, SPA saloons, shopping centers and markets. It is close enough to all major places of entertainment, but is quiet enough to sleep tight at night.

Sai Kor Road – is located behind Jung Ceylon shopping center, and it has not been completed yet. There is so much mud and lots of puddles after raining. But the advantage of the location is a fresh food market and a boxing stadium along the road.

Now let us talk about activities in Patong.

Jet skis and parasailing are a very popular entertainment among aliens. Such kind of fun can be found every two hundred meters along the beach side. Do not forget about safety and put on a life jacket.

Many jet skis are not insured, so beware of fraud. There is also a popular riding on a banana, water skiing and wakeboarding. Sailing catamarans, kayaks and windsurfing are available for everyone who desire to have active holidays.

If you are a surfing lover, you’d better choose the north of Patong which can offer you good waves. You can do snorkeling here as well.

There are some volleyball platforms for people loved beach volleyball. You can join other sport fans every day at 4-30 pm.

If you prefer taking sunbathing during the whole day but love shopping, you have a great opportunity to do it not leaving your mat. A huge number of local vendors walk ahead the shore  and sell amazing sorts of stuffs, silk, clothes, temporal tattoos, jewelry, pineapples, yellow mangos, water-melons, ice cream, snacks and much more.

But real shopping connoisseurs should go directly to Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall (Inside it there are several bowling alleys, a modern cinema and karaoke), Bangla Mall, OTOP Market, DJ Plaza or Banzaan Fresh Market. Actually Patong looks like a big fete or bazaar every evening. When major streets are plugged with shopboards sold handicrafts, batik scarves, shawls, various clothing, bags, CDs, toys, etc. Most of traders focus on tourists, that is why the rates are a really higher than in Town.

Shooting Range – is created principally for folks who adore shooting pistols and rifles. It is a paradise for shooting lovers offered rifles  of different calibers. Moreover, the using ammunition consists of special bullets. This pleasure cost differently, the rate varies depending on gun models and amount of spent bullets. The park is situated on the left hand side on the way from Kathu to Patong. Anotheroption to shoot a real gun is to visit Shooting Café in Jung Ceylon. This place is the only air-conditioning shooting range set up in indoor shopping mall in the entire southern Thailand. Also traditional coffee can be ordered or you can just drink beer.

Batik Painting Lessons - another interesting way to spend time. Club Andaman Beach Resort provide every person interested in art classes, it is open every day from 1p.m. till 3 pm and costs around 400 THB. Booking in advance is required.

Yoga has become extremely fashionable today. So many instructors have moved to this beautiful island. You can try a lot of different types of yoga here. One of the most interesting ones is Bikram Yoga allowed in Bikram Center in Graceland (5-star hotel).  Uniqueness of the direction is in doing a sequence of twenty six postures and two breathing exercises in a heated room. The point is that warmed body gains flexibility vs stretching in a faster way and many yoga exercises turn to be painless if doing them in a heated space. This practice cleanses the body from toxins, promotes rapid weight loss, strengthens muscles, cardiovascular, respiratory systems of the body and relieves headaches, back pains, helps to recover after injuries and cures chronic diseases.

Thai Cooking Classes - you cannot stand without tasty exotic flavors of Thai cuisine and wish learning the features of authentic cooking, then do not miss the opportunity to do it from the original source. Courses range from a simple introduction giving basic information about local cuisine to an in-depth study of food in intensive lessons that can make you to become a chef. Pum's Cooking School operates daily from 10am to 11 pm. It proposes various options of studying cooking (1,5 hr, 4 hr, 5 hr and up to 6 hr).

As you see visitors who are not only crazy about parties and discos  in Patong will be able to find out other kinds of activities and enjoy them. It’s up to you how to manage your vacation.

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