Phuket tips for Traveler

Phuket tips for Traveler

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time” is a very popular quote by Bernard Shaw. So we want to share accumulated experience of Phuket travelers you to avoid the same mistakes which can spoil your vacation easily. Here are some useful Phuket tips and advice for tourists.


- Keep a name card of the hotel where you are staying (in case of an emergency, accidents or losing your way back to the hotel).

- Put your passport, cash and jewels in the safe.

- Negotiate a price with taxi or tuk-tuk drivers before you get in.

- Order a drink for Thai girls in pubs but remember extra THB 100 per ordering will be added to the bill.

- During the night attractions such as Go-Go, Ping Pong and strip shows you will have to order any drinks with the value of THB 1000. 

- Avoid using ATMs of old models, or located in dark places, or when you are drunk.

- Wear a shirt walking along Bangla Road at night, it will help you to avoid police intervention and fines.

- Driving a motorbike, always wear a helmet and ensure you have got a driving license to avoid a penalty.


- Do not swim in the sea at night, avoid walking around the beach at night (as you can be robbed or sink).

- Do not give your passport as collateral when you renting a bike, a car or any other vehicles (copies will be enough for an honest owner).

- Do not keep tidy sums of cash in your hotel room.

- Do not take large amounts of money with you when going out at night.

- Do not ride through Bangla Road by bike or car from 6 pm till 4 am, it is closed but there's an overpass up ahead.

We hope our tips and some pieces of necessary advice will help you to make your vacation unforgettable, pleasant and fascinating! 

Got any questions left?Feel free to ask!
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