Phuket Full Moon Party

Phuket Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party is an open air party that takes place on Koh Phangan during the full moon period. This one of the events that people look forward to visiting. Thousands of clubbers from all over the world wait impatiently for that day, and when the party starts this quiet island turns to be the core of fun and lechery. 

Once a month this island becomes popular all around world. Young people from different parts of the earth dream to hang out in the coolest Asian beach and sink into the atmosphere of endless drive.

You probably try to guess why the name of the article is “Phuket Full Moon Party” if the gorgeous event is held on another island. The fact is that it’s quite easy to get Koh Phangan from Phuket. You just need to buy a bus-ferry ticket at the cost of around 500 THB and voila, you are on the way to unforgettable holidays.

If you spend your holiday in Phuket, then don’t miss the chance to be involved into the vivid performance. Haad Rin, the beach of Phangan Island, is filled with people during a full phase of the moon night. Everyone is on the dance floor, moving in different rhythms and to various music. Reggae, trance, house, dub step is played during the night. In addition, the party looks like a colorful show because people’s bodies are drawn with fluorescent dyes. You are able to get a temporary tattoo at almost every step.

There is an entrance fee for the full moon party, it’s 100 thai baht that includes a souvenir bracelet with the sign “FMP”.

Beer, wine, cocktails, whisky, martini flows like water at that night. People drink it literally from the bucket, and that is an integral part of the festival. The price of the bucket with beverage starts from 250 thb and upper depending on your choice.

Locals believe the full-of-the-moon causes just joy and fun, and they prove it every month to thousands of tourists who dare to come to the famous Fool Moon Party Beach in Thailand. 

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