What type of visa is more attractive: an investment visa, a resident visa (LTR) or an Elite visa?

What type of visa is more attractive: an investment visa, a resident visa (LTR) or an Elite visa?

If we look at their official costs: 2,000 baht, 50,000 baht, and a minimum of 600,000 baht per person, the choice seems obvious. But all visas have conditions that will require additional costs to comply.

Do you want to complicate your life as little as possible by preparing documents, and insurance, collecting certificates, and freezing financial resources? Visa Elite will be the easiest and not necessarily the most expensive option.

For five years, it will cost at least 600,000 baht per person, and 1,400,000 baht for a family of four. There are options for ten and twenty years.

Now, when buying some real estate in Phuket, you can get an Elite visa as a gift. Contact us and we will help you find the right option for you! 

2 Bedroom Apartment in Rawai.

1 Bedroom Apartment in Karon.

All of the above have the option of Elite Visa for customers.

Resident visa (LTR) will require to collect of documents and evidence that you have:

  • million dollar investments and savings,
  • income above 80 thousand dollars per year,
  • investments in Thailand not less than 500 thousand dollars,
  • high coverage health insurance.

But for 5 or 10 years you will spend only 50 thousand baht on a visa for one person or 200 thousand baht for a family of four. It seems rather okay until you take into account the requirement to invest almost 19 million baht at the current rate within the country. Wise investments are a great art that will allow you to save this amount.

However, there are several projects on the Phuket real estate market now, where for 500 thousand dollars you will get an extraordinary family villa. Send us a message or call, and we will consult you at no cost and will help you choose the right house or apartment.

An investment visa will be the most difficult to obtain. For it, you need an invitation from business partners or a letter from the BOI (Board of Investment) or a package of documents from your own company registered in Thailand. The cost of registering a company and legal services will make you forget about the low official price of this visa.

If you have a family, worries are to increase. Each family member must possess Non-immigrant visas. These are either dependent visas of your own, or educational, or guardian visa for a spouse.

In addition, investments of 10 million baht are required. If you want to stick to that number, we can help you find a spacious Phuket apartment or an affordable villa/townhouse.

As you can see, all these visas are not interchangeable and each has its own nuances. We will be happy to help you find apartments and houses for investment in Phuket.

Got any questions left?Feel free to ask!
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