Bangkok - the Busiest City in the World

Bangkok - the Busiest City in the World

From the bright lights to the bustling busy streets filled with people, it is reported that the city of Bangkok receives over 22 million visitors each year. A city so rich in culture offering a real cosmopolitan lifestyle, it is no surprise that visitors flock here each year to soak up on the experience of being in this authentic and unique city.

Prior to Bangkok being appointed the Capital of Thailand, the capital was called Ayutthaya which is located in central Thailand about 89 kilometers north of Bangkok.

There are many reason as to why this city has gained such traction over the years and continues to entice the large amount of people that keep coming to enjoy its busy nightlife, array of markets and shops, along with its many tourist attractions.

All things considered, this also makes Thailand a hotspot for investment, particularly the property industry, which has seen major growth as a result of the booming tourism market.

As a modern day city one of the biggest pulling factors is the cost of living, as tourists will tell you, you get a lot of bang for your buck in Bangkok. It’s very affordable, very safe and open to travelers from all different background and income brackets. You will have your high end luxury tourists and business travelers, to your basic back packer who is looking for that unique and affordable trip. Public transportation is easily accessible, inexpensive and reliable, so getting around is no problem for anybody.

Bangkok is a shopping hub with its massive shopping malls, offering everything from high end retailers to the knock off brands that look so authentic, that at times it can be hard to tell the difference. Two of the most well-known malls are MBK shopping center and Siam Paragon. Be sure to visit these should you want to shop and be wowed. Bangkok is known for its markets and you can literally spend hours walking around them. The Chatuchak market is considered to be the largest market in the world and here you can find just about anything.

This city also offers the most incredible entertainment and it is impossible to ever feel bored in Bangkok. You simply must have a cocktail on one of the rooftop bars. You will find yourself completely mesmerized and in awe of the beautiful dazzling city lights from above. Great rooftop bars include the well-known Sky Bar, The Cru Champagne Bar at Red Sky located on top of the Centara Grand Central World and the Bangkok Marriot Hotel. Equally as entertaining as the roof top bars may be, you have access to some great areas that are known as nightlife hot spots, such as Soi 11 in Sukumvit with bars and night clubs and always buzzing on the weekends.

Not only is their plenty to do in the evenings for adults, Bangkok is just as much fun for the whole family, especially for children. There are theme parks, ice skating rinks, Madam Tussaudes, Ocean World Sea Life aquarium, Siam Waterpark, Safari World, Wake Parks, games arcades and museums. A truly fun filled city packed with activities for children of all ages.

While you are experiencing the city and in need of some pampering, then rest assured massage parlors are all over the place, in fact you will most likely find, as soon as you come out your hotel lobby, there will one within 50 meters. Thai people love getting pampered and massages are a big part of Thai culture. You have your traditional Thai massage, relaxing oil massage and foot massage. These seem to be the most popular and trust me you will come out feeling brand new after you have experienced at least one of these. You also have your luxury spas where you can spend the whole day being pampered and enjoying more personalized treatments, which if you were to consider what you would normally pay in the west for this kind of experience, is still very affordable thanks to a good exchange rate with most currencies.

The other major factor that people visit Bangkok is to experience the delights of Thai cuisine. This is an important part of the trip. From street vendors selling local dishes to fine dining, you name it, the city is filled with options to enjoy delicious food. As Bangkok is a city that brings Thai folks from all over Thailand, you will find it possible to experience some traditional dishes from Northern Thailand, Southern Thailand and central Thailand. Bangkok is known for its variety and avariety of dishes you shall get. You may choose to sit along the Chao Phraya River and enjoy some delicious seafood or find yourself wandering through one of the many night markets trying different dishes and enjoying the atmosphere amongst the locals. You can almost guarantee the most popular dishes amongst foreigners are the Tom Yum soups, Green/Red/Yellow Curry, Chicken Cashew Nuts, Steamed Snapper, Fried Rice, Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, Papaya Salad (Som Tum) and many other seafood dishes. Once you have tasted these delights, be sure that you will find yourself ordering them over and over again, no matter what restaurant or street vendor you visit. You will simply become addicted to the food.

Of course while in this magical city you will want to experience some of the history and visit some popular tourist attractions. There are temples located all over the city and each one has its own unique story.

The oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, Wat Pho is, quite possibly, one of the most famous temples in all of Thailand. This temple is often in times referred to as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha because of the 46-meter long, 15-meter high Buddha that sits at this temple’s core. It is located just south of the Royal Grand Palace, and you can spend an entire day exploring this ancient historical area. In addition to the giant Buddha, the temple grounds are decorated with beautiful treasures that are well worth exploring.

Located in Chinatown is Wat Traimit. Inside, you will find a six-ton, solid gold Buddha statue, which is what makes this temple a must-see on any visit to Bangkok. It is the biggest golden statue in the world, measuring 3 meters in height. It is said that the current value of this statue is more than $250 million. Many identify Wat Suthat with the giant red swing that sits just across the road. The Giant Swing, or Sao Ching-Cha, dates back to 1784, but it was replaced in 2004.

Wat Arun, or Temple of the Dawn, consists of five prangs, or towers, overlooking the Mae Nam Chao Praya. The reclining Buddha, which can now be seen at Wat Pho, resided first in Wat Arun. It is said that King Taksin and his royal fleet came upon this temple at dawn. He then designated the temple as a royal one.

Not only are there temples to visit, but a great way to experience the city is to take yourself for a Tuk Tuk ride during the day and have the driver be your guide. This will give you the chance to see some attractions you normally wouldn’t see if doing any of the standard tours on offer.

Bangkok is very often the first stop for travelers who then go on to other destinations in Thailand, such as Ko Samui and Phuketwhich are the most visited islands, with Chiang Mai being the next most visited city.

As mentioned earlier in this article from an investment point of view , people are looking to take advantage of this ever growing tourist market, which has led to an increased level of investment within the property sector, therefore islands such as Phuket are ideal for those interested to help grow their money and receive high rental yields. This has been the upward trend since 2008, and we can expect to see a lot more growth in this area.

For more insight as to where one should consider investing in Phuket, feel free to get in touch with one of our property consultants who will be only too happy to help you answer any questions.

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