How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Phuket?

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Phuket?

With so many Real Estate agencies around how do you know who to pick?

This is a common question and something us at Phuket Buy House pride in being ourselves in being able to answer. Yes, agreeably there are a lot more real estate agencies on the island than say a decade ago and this can be overwhelming for clients, especially for those who are first-time buyers out there.

For us, it is all about credibility. The way to set yourself apart for your competitors is to ensure a strong proven track record, which has been in existence for a while. It is very important to research the agency's background and take note of how long it has been in operation. Also, are there any testimonials available via the website and if not can they supply some from previous clients who have purchased with the help of their services?

Credibility can be evaluated in the form of a professional website, what kind of listings they have available, how fast you are able to get a response to any questions or inquiries you have made, do they have any exclusive listings and if so what type of listings are these, how many sales staff they have onboard and what languages they offer to clients, how efficient they are in educating you on the buying process and what kind of after-sales service are they known for?

In Thailand, it is not required that real estate agents need to certified and have their real estate license, all the more reason to ensure you seek the best representation. It is very easy to get bad advice and unfortunately, the real estate industry does have its share of unprofessional agents, who will simply do anything to get the deal done and then once their commission is paid you don’t see them for dust. This is why after-sales service is so important, as you need to ensure you can rely on your agent to continue to deal and follow up on your behalf particularly in the case of buying property off-plan and while under construction.

Our agents come with tons of experience and they are very well educated in the buying process, as well as have great relationships with all the property developers and individual sellers. They are equally experienced in the secondary market also. Their after-sales service is also of a very professional level and you will be able to have peace of mind that things this end are being taken care of on your behalf.

Achieving our client’s happiness is our priority and we will work to ensure we earn your respect as well as your business!

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