Year of the Metal Rat 2020

Year of the Metal Rat 2020

On Saturday, January 25 that we had the first new moon for 2020, which also marks the year of the Metal Rat under the Chinese calendar. Nowadays Chinese New Year is widely celebrated around the world with millions of people wanting to usher in the new Chinese year and eager to see what advice their particular animal has for them.

Each year the island of Phuket welcomes the Chinese New year with plenty of Chinese festive activities happening all over the place, particularly in Phuket Town where there is a lot of Chinese history as well as Chinese temples.
The rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac and this is a brand new decade to which we are entering, a whole new cycle, bringing about hope and optimism for the future. In the year of the Metal Rat, it is all about choices and may be wise to consider all risks and choices presented in situations to help minimize risk before making any major decisions. In terms of finances, it is advised to make oneself a priority before worrying about others and their business. Strong words but apparently very necessary in The Year of the Rat, as this could have a lasting effect and be particularly damaging to those who aren’t paying attention.

Metal Rat Characteristics

The rat is full of passion when it comes to any tasks it undertakes and finds itself easily bored if not constantly stimulated or having to entertain situations that are less than desirable from what the rat had in mind. They do have a tendency to get rather jealous at times and are said to need also need constant recognition. Rats can be very domineering and almost always insist on exerting a great deal of control over situations. They are brilliant at finding solutions however struggle to accept any form of failure and in such cases, this can cause a sense of powerlessness and can and at times become easily frustrated.

The added element of metal symbolizes the season of autumn. Autumn is typically seen as the harvesting period, good for all signs, especially if they have been diligently chipping away and waiting for the fruits of their labor to payout. The year of the Metal Rat in 2020 is a year in which we are able to close the door on past situations without regret, bringing about renewed ambitions and an opportunity to embrace the new. This year it is important to understand metal and how best to work with this element so as to know how to extract its full potential. This year is all about gaining financial opportunities and protecting one's finances while steering clear of opportunities that could be considered reckless. Lucky colors for the metal rat include Gold, White, and Blue. Gold is said to be associated with the signing of contracts or all things legal and will bring about much- needed luck in this department. White and blue relate to the environment and water allows the metal to transform its state, this will be particularly helpful when it comes to trade and business.

How the Metal Rat will affect other signs:

The Ox:
The year ahead prediction for the Ox is a very positive one. This will be a year of great change and personal growth. Success is very much on the cards and life, in general, will seem much easier and flowing than the past few years. Oxen will find that they can easily leave their fears behind and this brings about a strong sense of confidence in moving forward with any big decisions.

The Tiger:
This year the tiger places a strong emphasis on mental and physical fitness. This is a busy one for the tiger with new events unfolding particularly those of a romantic and professional nature. The rat gives the tiger the opportunity to regain self-confidence, especially if there have been recent periods of doubt. The tiger will be inspired to embrace the new and make changes to any old routines that no longer serves its highest good. There may be some temporary setbacks and during these phases, it will be required to take a step back and implement strategic moves for successful outcomes.

The Rabbit:
For the rabbit this year is centered around stability, structure, and caution. In the early part of 2020, the rabbit may have some disappointments. As one of the rabbit traits, they are incredibly meticulous and therefore back down from any situation they feel a potential threat and too risky. This will help the rabbit to come from a position of strength and persevere to meet any challenges.

The Dragon:

Dragons will start to see movement again in both their personal and professional lives after a period of stagnation. The dragon welcomes in the new energy which creates an upward spiral to bring about much - needed change, whether it be a new home, new friends or even a move to a new country. As long as they remain flexible and open to change they will see the lasting results, specifically were undertaking new projects and endeavors.
The Snake:
For many under this sign, it will be about cleaning houses in just about all areas of their lives. Their determination to achieve success in 2020 sets the president for the year, and they will place themselves firmly on the path to stop at nothing to get where they need to be. Events that unfold seem to be in their favor especially those concerned with financial goals. The metal element helps them to keep moving forward and release any old fears with regard to slow movement or where they felt a lack of some material aspect within their lives. The snake also receives a renewed sense of confidence as a result of their achievements and this propels the snake forward, it’s almost as if the snake is on par to reach its destiny.

The Horse:
The Horse will find it is time to direct their focus on reassessing goals and in doing so will offer horses the chance to avoid unnecessary repetition and explore new opportunities. For many, this will be considered a complete remodeling of their life. This year horses will also be asked to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the changes on offer. You are however also being asked to pay close attention and be cautious about the rats' antagonistic positioning towards you.

The Goat:
For Goats this year, it is all about personal and professional evolution. One of the ways they can do this is to allow their creative sides to shine. There may be some obstacles, but goats should remain focused on their goals and never lose sight of these. At times the goat may need extra encouragement while on this journey to evolution, staying focused and allowing a change in slowly will help them reach their destination in one piece.

The Monkey:
This year monkeys are able to take control of their destiny and finally accept past lessons. Stability is the central theme for monkeys throughout the year and many will choose to take a more step by step approach to new projects. True inner strength is discovered specifically in the areas of communication and negotiation while choosing to show great restraint in somewhat delicate situations specifically those of a less desirable nature. Monkeys can, therefore, look forward to seeing their aspirations manifest in 2020.

The Rooster:
This year the rooster is encouraged to explore new possibilities and make sure, and they don’t let their impulsive nature get the better of them causing them to miss out. Having more of a realistic approach will offer them a renewed sense of faith in allowing new opportunities to unfold and work in their favor. This will serve them greatly if deciding to move in a new direction when it comes to career, career changes are very much on the horizon for many roosters in 2020.

The Dog:
Dogs have the energy of transformation on their side in 2020 and should they choose to embrace this energy, the sky is the limit. Change is very much on the horizon, whether this is finding a new home, moving to a new country or a complete career change, this year is one of good luck and fortune. Dogs need to be aware that while luck does play a role in 2020, so will continued efforts to push forward, while attaining a sense of balance, as this is important too. Dogs are encouraged to work on themselves and advised to redefine their priorities. They are also advised to seize opportunities as unexpected opportunities are on the cards for 2020 and dogs will be surprised just how promising these can be.

The Pig:
Pigs are the last sign of the Chinese horoscope. In 2020 anybody under the sign of the pig will experience lucky windfalls just as the dog, will have luck within their careers and finances. They are advised to pay close attention to their health. In short, the overall trend of pigs will be very good in 2020. They should make sure to seize any opportunities that come their way this year.

Wishing all our readers a blessed Year of the Rat!

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