Rawai: perfect choice for investment

Rawai: perfect choice for investment

Geography and location play a key role in formation of investment attractiveness of real estate, which depends on its liquidity and ability to pay the money back. Rawai is an area which is favorably located on the southern point of Phuket.

Promthep Cape protects the coastline against waves and bad weather from the West. No wonder that there are so many boats at the cape - local residents and guests like to park their boats at this quiet place.

The shore here is not suitable for comfortable swimming. On the one hand, it does not allow to show the full potential and attractiveness of the seashore location. But, on the other hand, it makes this place quiet and peaceful because of large part of tourists, who want to relax in the sea close to their property in Phuket, usually choose other places for a vacation. Nevertheless, beautiful Nai Harn and Yanui beaches are situated very closely, just four or five kilometers away. By the way, Nai Harn Beach is included in the top three best Asian beaches, according to tripadviser.com. The distance of 4-5 km can be reached by car or bike for just 10-15 minutes. So, Rawai is the place where you can enjoy the sun in the nearest beaches, and you will never be disturbed by the crowds of annoying tourists.

Some comments about the infrastructure of this area should be done. Bars, restaurants, cafes and 24-hour shops are located right at the coastline. Massage rooms and all kinds of gyms are also well-represented here. There is a beautiful pier and a seafood market. Guests with children are sure to be impressed by the famous Rawai Park. Playgrounds and different water attractions which are presented in the park will entertain visitors of all ages.

Large shopping centers, supermarkets, shops of household goods, appliances and electronics are situated in a 20-minute drive distance. Rawai is also famous for its kindergartens and multinational schools with native English-speaking teachers.

Let’s consider the main attractions which may influence the level of prices for real estate in Rawai, Phuket:

  • Seven beaches with beautiful sandy coastline and exactly the same quantity of amazing islands, where the guests may be taken by boats.
  • Dozens of show-places which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.
  • Extensive touristic and household infrastructure.
  • Limited number of available land which is the main cause for a high level of prices in this area, according to the law of supply and demand.
  • Investment projects involving private and public capital.

Rawai is a place with many points of attraction for tourists. For example, the famous viewpoint Promthep Cape which offers a stunning seascape. It takes a 10-minute drive to get to the Big Buddha, a 45-meter high statue faced with white marble, which is meant to be a symbol of Phuket and is one the most visited places by tourists. Chalong Temple is located also nearby. It is the largest Buddhist Watt of the island and is also convenient to attend, if you buy a property in Rawai.

All of the above naturally affects the real estate market in Phuket, providing a high demand. The construction of the new terminal at Phuket International Airport has increased passenger traffic and improved global accessibility. Coupled with the reduction of available land in the turnover, it leads to a rise of the land prices of at least five percent per year, and in some places there is even a fifty percent growth over 5-6 years. The following projects also stimulate the interest of private capital:

  • Expansion and development of the road network, construction of tunnels.
  • Increase of airport capacity.
  • Construction of two new shopping malls, one of them with a water park and a skating rink.
  • Arrangement of coastlines and development of the pier area.

Another positive role in improvement of the Kingdom of Thailand economy plays integration of the Kingdom into the structures of the Asian Union. The most effective part of the Union is taken by the two economic giants of the region – China and Japan.

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