How to Prepare Apartment for Sale

How to Prepare Apartment for Sale

During the crisis in real estate market around the world there are more sellers than buyers. This situation makes high requirements to holders. Today clients are choosing their new apartments slowly and hardly choose dwelling if they have not viewed a dozen options.

It is evident that if you want to make your property attractive for potential customers you are to make additional efforts. So you have apartments and are eager to sell them, here are some priceless tips for you. 

#1 Exterior of property

If your apartments do not look good enough to make a positive first impression, you are doomed to fail. Every detail is quite important for viewers, they look at entrance, doors, windows, ceilings, sinks, lights and so on. Do not forget to clean your apartment before showing it. Use some air freshener to make it smell good. Turn on air-cons to make it cool. Switch on lights even it is a day time, it will make the flat look brighter and more spacious. Remove all rubbish. 

#2 Store away all personal belongings

There is a golden rule: the less stuffs inside apartment the lager it seems. Move away all useless things, let buyers be able to enjoy the interior. They must not look at a peck of stuff. In addition, ensure balconies are empty and clean too.

#3 Furniture

 Realtors do not recommend showing future buyers a completely empty apartment. The presence of minimum items in rooms such as cabinets, beds, sofas and simple kitchen equipments will help people create positive pictures of their future comfortable life here and make a good impression. If you do not have any furniture, you can use small details of interior, for example, curtains or paintings on walls.

#4 Establish price

The best way to calculate the market value of property is to consult a professional appraiser or agent. In addition to location, many factors influence the selling price (condition of engineering systems, infrastructure, ages, type of ownership and so on). Costs of repair expenses can be added to the price but be careful and do not over price your flat. Otherwise your housing will have waited for new owners for ages.

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