Best Food in Phuket

Best Food in Phuket

Thai national cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. Phuket is famous for its fresh seafood from the ocean prepared in Thai style which means it has five basic tastes together: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. Sometimes it is difficult to say which one is better or tastier, wherever you go out for breakfast or dinner you will be served with incredible food in Phuket.

Rice is the most important food product in Thailand, Thai people eat it four or five times a day and they will be hungry if there is no rice to eat. Most of Thai dishes are cooked of rice with vegetables, fish, seafood, eggs and herbs. Khao Pad Kung that means “fried rice with shrimps” is a popular Phuket food widely spread off-set the island. Especially Europeans adore fried rice combined with crabs, chicken or shrimps.  

Noodle are the second staple food in Phuket. There are three types of them cooked in local restaurants: thin rice, thick rice and egg noodles. You can order fried, boiled, with or without broth, as a side dish for meat or fish balls, dumplings, chicken or duck. Usually noodles are served with young soy bean sprouts and various vegetables.

An integral part of any meal of Thais is soup. Thai soup is a kind of meat or fish broth flavored with herbs and spices, and sometimes rice noodles or rice are added. Tom Yam Kung and Tom Kha Khai are thai traditional soups known about by many foreigners. They are prepared for eating with coconut milk, seafood or meat, citric Melissa, lemon grass and many different spices. 

Coconut is the trademark of all cuisines of Southeast Asia. Coconut milk is used in meat and fish dishes reducing the bitterness of other ingredients. Almost all Thai national deserts are made of coconut water, milk or flesh.

All these delicious Phuket food you can find in any café or local restaurants, just don’t forget to mention “not spicy” ordering food in Phuket. Otherwise it will burn your stomach down because you just not used to it.

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