Real Estate Patong: VIP Access to Asia’s Premier Social Scene

Real Estate Patong: VIP Access to Asia’s Premier Social Scene

Real estate in Patong is a great place to invest in a holiday home and enjoy VIP access to Thailand’s exclusive social scene.

Patong is the single most popular destination in Phuket and one of the most sought after destinations in Asia. Patong is vibrant, packed with things to do day and night.  

Unsurprisingly Patong appeals to many different people. Patong is not just for thrill seekers and single men. Countless couples and families visit Patong every year to bask in its cosmopolitan atmosphere and get a real taste of what Patong has to offer.

It All Started in Patong Bay

Backed by tall green hills with a very long stretch of beach the bay is a beautiful sight. Most of the beach is lined with mature trees and the occasional park along the way. The only area that doesn’t have trees is a short stretch of boutique hotels on the beach.  

Recently Patong beach has been rightly returned to nature. Vendors of beach chairs and other assorted business lining the beach have been removed and the beach looks more glorious than ever.

Beached at a Patong Bar

Go to a Patong bar as a group, couple or as an individual. Make conversation with a stranger or sit silently. Whatever the case the atmosphere and passing crowds, people selling goods and all sorts of services provides a level of entertainment that is only found in major cities around the world. However if you do like to sit silently, it won’t be long before someone starts talking to you! Patong could be described as an unofficial capital city where all sorts of sights and sounds can be enjoyed.

Soi Bangla, Centre of the Universe

This street in Patong is closed to vehicles at night and becomes almost full with people walking up and down. This is the epicentre of Patong that provides endless entertainment in its own right.

The road is lined with bars, clubs and a few restaurants. There are all kinds of bars from Australian sports bars to traditional Thai and English pubs. There are several side roads filled with all manner of exotic entertainments.

Something Queer is Going On in Patong

Patong is one of the few places in the world that has several official (and unofficial) gay zones. The fact that these places exist demonstrates how easy going and accepting of other people Patong is.

A major tourist attraction is the famed lady-boys who can look stunning in classy dress and makeup. If you don’t mind a little camp entertainment then check out one of the many cabaret shows in Patong where you can experience an almost professional level of trans-gender wonder.

Patong Nightclubs Club the Life out of the Competition

The easy going and fun focused, “accept all” culture in Patong spills over to the nightclubbing scene with friendly atmospheres in the clubs. As there are quite a few clubs packed into a small area the owners of the clubs are always coming up with new and fun ways to bring in the customers. Look out for the free toy giveaways and crazy games around midnight!

There are around 6 major clubs in Patong and handful of smaller ones. There are also pubs that are so large with dance floors, they could almost be nightclubs.  

For those that prefer to dance the night away to live music there are several great venues that play through the night.

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