Phuket Island Real Estate House Buyers Guide

Phuket Island Real Estate House Buyers Guide

Dream homes sat on prime Phuket real estate can be realised; finding the right house can become a prosperous and life enhancing decision. With an expert guide to the kinds of houses to be found in Phuket purchasers can make their dreams of living on a paradise island come true.

Long Term Stability

Not only does Phuket provide a rich-lifestyle experience it offers a great deal of long term security in terms of the future value of real estate.  

Unlike many other tropical destinations Phuket has a strict law that forbids developments above a certain height which has preserved hillsides and hilltops in a natural state, restricting development in a positive way.

Phuket, the Pride of Thailand

Phuket is considered by the Thai’s to be their most important asset when it comes to tourism, which accounts for 6% of Thailand’s GDP and higher than any other in Asia. The continued success of Phuket as sustainable place to live for locals and foreigners alike assures that Phuket will continue to be nursed and enhanced by Government infrastructure projects.

For many years visitors to Phuket have been returning for a yearly holiday and staying up to several months at a time. There are growing numbers of visitors particularly from China and Russia.

Phuket offers a convenient getaway for business owners, expats and executives who work around the region and this is not going to change in a hurry. Many of these have already invested in a high quality home in Phuket.

Total Privacy and Exclusivity in Complete Luxury; Standalone Villas

Celebrities and business moguls need total privacy, security and an amazing building to complement their busy lifestyles. There are many top range luxury villas in Phuket built and designed by accomplished developers and professionals. The right property not only provides an incredible place to stay but a very good long term investment. There are several key aspects to these properties and the most important is an uninterrupted sea view in close proximity to the waterline.  

If purchasers are looking for this kind of villa, only those of the highest build quality that has been carried out by distinguished developers should be considered.

A Sense of Community, Luxury and Security

Gated communities with a high level of security built and designed to high standards by reputable developers provide a kind of community living that is unmatched in the region. Although these properties can be found throughout the world, Phuket really does offer something very accessible for everyone with a touch of unrivalled distinctiveness.

Phuket has a varied selection of truly secure housing developments that provide 24 hour manned security with CCTV.  

A perfect example of an excellent development is “Baan Bua” in Nai Harn. There are several types of houses to choose from and each one includes a garden and pool. The developer is well established with many luxury and entry level projects under its belt.

Nai Harn itself has a lovely beach with several other beaches just a few minutes away. The rest of the island is easily accessible by a nearby dual-carriage way or highway. From Nai Harn it’s quite easy to reach both the west and the east coast.

There are all sorts of areas to consider in Phuket and choosing the right one will depend on the kind of lifestyle sought.

Many visitors prefer a short journey from the airport. These areas would be Bang Tao and Cherng Talay that have a great selection of fantastic housing estates with all sorts of world class western attractions just a few minutes away.

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