One Home Is Not Enough; Invest in a Cosy Overseas Property

One Home Is Not Enough; Invest in a Cosy Overseas Property

The wise will rarely depend on a single home to survive and more people today are safeguarding their future by investing in Phuket Real Estate. By building a portfolio of more modest and compact overseas property, several investment goals can be achieved.

Everything Starts With a Dream

Whilst on holiday how often do you peek into the local estate agent window in your flip-flops, thinking about how grand it would be to buy that luxury apartment over-looking the beach?  

Once back at home the romance of a holiday fades. Thoughts of owning a holiday home are rekindled by friends who have already invested in well-established (and expensive) areas.

Global Village Phuket

Thanks to Phuket’s International Airport virtually anyone can fly direct to Phuket from their home airport, making it easy to tap into the islands rich lifestyle. This has given world wide appeal to Phuket which has since become a global holiday destination.

Make Your Dream Come True

By carefully investing in smaller, entry level properties anyone can build themselves a healthy portfolio of respectable “bolt-holes” in a place like Phuket.

Traditionally the family holiday home would be used for a few weeks of the year during the high season and left empty for the rest of the year. By investing in a couple of smaller holiday homes several things can be achieved.  For one, a choice can be made where to stay next year instead of returning to the same place. Whilst the other properties are not occupied it’s more likely that you will be able to rent some of them if not all of them out during peak times to help pay for their upkeep.

The best kind of modest overseas property is one that makes for a good long term investment. New apartment blocks in an up and coming area or a small and affordable house on the outskirts of a well-established community are worthy options.

A Small but Delicious Slice of Pie

There are several fractional or share based ownership options in Phuket that are managed by excellent developers and well established hospitality companies. Most of the options allow you to buy a share of the property on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. It certainly is not timeshare as the property shares can be resold and come with legitimate title deeds.

Phuket has recently seen an increase in demand of cheaper and smaller properties that fit into the normal investment criteria such as build quality, developer’s reputation and prime locations.

Developers have responded to this and many interesting, new and more competitively priced, slightly smaller properties have further stimulated buyer’s interest in Phuket.

Investing in several different smaller properties may make a good alternative to an exclusive villa. This way, buyers can have more choice when considering overseas property in Phuket. Done right you can also haggle for discount on multiple purchases!

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