Property Guide. Pool Villas in Phuket

Property Guide. Pool Villas in Phuket

It's not surprising that people want to visit Phuket again and again. Tropical paradise offers everything what tourists need for unforgettable holidays all year round. If you are one of millions who loves Thailand and visit it every year, twice a year, thrice a year…then you should think of possessing local real estate. You’d better buy a property here, furthermore even a villa with a private pool costs extremely cheap in Phuket in comparison with other overseas resorts.  

Many foreign investors buy pool villas in Phuket and then they rent them out. The real estate market research shows that investing in real estate is always justified, and Phuket properties will pay off in a short time.

If you are scared to death to make a mistake with a choice of area on the island, you may do as a lot of investors do: they rent housing in the location where they have decided to buy a pool villa and enjoy with beautiful holidays spending there to understand if the area is in demand or not.

Our great experience says that today pool villas in Phuket are needed more than ever, especially in the south coast of the resort, because this part of the island is highly developed and shaped to comfortable life style.

Construction of villas has evolved over the years. Over time, it became a comfortable home with a garden in a privileged area. And in our time the villa - a mostly comfortable, large detached country house for one family.

By the way, do you have any idea which type of Phuket villas are most popular among foreign investors? If you hesitated, we will save your time and give you a brief review of the most desirable pool villas in Phuket.

For a start, let us note that nowadays the boundaries between pool villa categories are very indistinct. For example, fashionable bungalows with a pool may be named as a free-standing pool villa, but in fact It is a bungalow. Anyway here are some very popular types of pool villas in Phuket.

Villas in the traditional style - are usually located in the central part of the island. Very often, it's an old, but perfectly renovated building. There is a green garden and a large courtyard with a variety of shopping facilities.

Semi-detached villas - have a mutual wall with the neighbors, they are often called as town-houses. There is a small but lovely garden. As a rule, they are located in residential complexes and have a common pool.

Villas with a private pool - are the most elite and luxury ones. Depending on the wishes and possibilities of the owner, they come with different number of bedrooms, pool, garage, barbecue, patio, etc. 

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