The investment visa: 10 million baht + and a chance to get a residence permit

The investment visa: 10 million baht + and a chance to get a residence permit

The investment visa is the only type of visa associated with large financial investments, which allows you to further apply for a residence permit and citizenship in Thailand.

To apply for an Investment visa you will need to:

  • possess a Non-B visa in the passport,
  • transfer over 10 million baht to the account in Thailand,
  • invest 10 mln baht in the country.

The Visa cost

2,000 baht for a single entry visa and 5,000 baht for a multi visa without restrictions on entry and exit from the country.

An annual visa is placed in the passport that expires not earlier than in a year and a half.

All dependants will be able to obtain annual Non-O visas. They must have:

  • non-immigrant visas in passports, such as student visas;
  • documents confirming family status.

How to get the initial non-visa class “B”?

You can apply for it at the Thai embassy in another country. The easiest way to do so is when you have a registered Thai company. This also can be done with a business invitation or with a letter from the Board of Investment (BOI).

What can be an investment in Thailand?

  • A fixed deposit in a Thai bank with at least 50% Thai shareholders. If you want to renew your visa from year to year, then it must be over 10 million baht in your account from year to year.
  • Government bonds. They are issued in a limited number and the size of the purchase is regulated, so it is hard to invest 10 mln baht in bonds solely.
  • Acquisition of a condominium for this amount (the cost must be confirmed by the land department).
  • Property rental for at least 3 years.
  • Several options from the above for a total amount of over 10 million baht. For example, a 7 million baht condo, a 2 million baht fixed deposit, and 1 million baht worth of bonds.

The Investment visa is given for a year, but you can extend it for the same period as long as you have a total value of 10 million baht or other investments in Thailand. Every 90 days, you must submit a notice of stay to the immigration office. You can do this online, using the website of the immigration bureau.

A visa does not give a work permit, it must be obtained additionally.

What this visa gives you, is the right to apply for Permanent Residence and obtain a Thai residence permit. This requires three years of constant residence in Thailand with an investment visa with continuous renewal.

Getting a residence permit is not easy. There are quotas for issuing them to foreigners, and it is difficult to get into this quota. In addition, you will need to:

  • know the Thai language perfectly, pass an exam to prove you know the language, history, and culture;
  • pass a medical examination and receive a health certificate,
  • be ready to pay 191,400 baht in case of issuing a residence permit.

Why get a residence permit at all?

After getting a Thai residence permit, the following bonuses await you:

  • There is no need to worry about the visa status.
  • After five years,  you can apply for citizenship.
  • Family members can also apply for a residence permit.
  • You can buy real estate without transferring finances from abroad.

There are other benefits that a residence permit provides. With it, you still need to have a work permit.

To summarise, the Investment visa has a number of advantages:

  • Low-cost visa.
  • It requires three times less investment than the LTR visa and one does not need to show a high monthly income.
  • Investments are returnable.
  • After three years with an Investment visa, you can apply for a residence permit.
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