Phuket Developers. Pisona Group.

Phuket Developers. Pisona Group.

The Pisona Group is one of the most renowned real estate developers in Phuket. With one of the strongest real estate portfolios in all of southern Thailand.

The company has been on the market for over 30 years, during this time it has become a powerful corporation that owns not only real estate but also hotels, restaurants, nightclubs. But still, the main activity of the company is related to the real estate market and investments on the island of Phuket.

PHS Property (Phuket Holiday Services Company Limited) manages the Pisona Group's sales force and provides a full range of services from advising prospective owners and investors to legal services, transaction processing, mortgage lending, and project management.

What makes this developer different?

Of course, you can list the merits for a long time, great experience in the real estate market, etc., but other developers in Phuket can also boast of this.

The main difference of the Pisona Group is the favorable investment conditions offered in all projects.

  • Guaranteed income from 7% for 10 - 15 years.
  • No additional costs (for example, maintenance fees for the common area).
  • Possibility of buyback in 10 - 15 years or extension of the rental program.

The company already has more than 17 projects under its belt, some of which have been operating for a long time and bring their owners stable profits, such as:

Patong Bay Hill is a luxurious condominium with sea views and developed internal infrastructure, consisting of several phases. The first stage of the project was commissioned in 2019, the second stage is planned to be completed by 2022. You can find out the current cost of the apartments by leaving a request on the link.

Another project that was commissioned in 2018 is The Bay and Beach Club (KUDO), located on the first line with panoramic views. This complex is located in the center of developed infrastructure, the Patong area. There are apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms, the cost of which starts from $ 274,921.

Kata Ocean View is a hillside condominium in the Kata Beach area. These are spacious apartments with large balconies offering magical views of the Andaman Sea. The cost of apartments starts from $ 83,411. Today, this is one of the best deals on the island. You can get all the available options in this project by following the link.

Each of these projects, despite the fact that they are already in operation, offers profitable investment programs, such as a guaranteed rental program or a rental pool.

Also, some of the projects are currently under construction and offer favorable conditions and low prices at the pre-sale stage.

Paradise Beach Residence is an investment condominium surrounded by rainforests. The delivery of the project is planned for 2023. The developer offers a guaranteed rental program of 7% for 15 years, with a buyback option, that is, after 10 years, the buyer can apply for a buyout and get back all the money paid.

The cost of an apartment (45 sq.m.) starts at $ 86,191.

And, of course, the two most sensational projects of the developer - Kamala Bay Ocean View Cottages and Patong Bay Ocean View Cottages.

These are two complexes of small one-bedroom villas with a spacious terrace with a pool or jacuzzi. The projects are located on a hillside with panoramic sea views. But what is surprising is the price, only $ 151,375 USD, and an investment program for 15 years.

Developer s portfolio:

  • Patong Bay Sea View
  • Patong Bay Residence 
  • Naka Bay Sea View Cottages
  • Kata Cove
  • Villa Neptune
  • Patong Bay Hill
  • Kata Ocean View
  • The Bay and Beach Club (KUDO)
  • Kamala Bay Ocean View Cottages
  • Patong Bay Ocean View Cottages
  • Naka Bay Sea View Condo
  • Paradise Beach Residence

In order to receive detailed information on all projects of the developer, just leave your contacts by the link.

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