SOLDNAI2616: Complete Hotel Project With Land

This stunning investment project is situated in the south, near the most beautiful beach of Phuket, Nai Harn.

An amazing opportunity for anyone looking to break in to the fast growing Thai property and tourism sector with huge financial returns.

The land is very attractive due to its location in Nai Harn where there is practically no rain, or it can fall in the late afternoon or night. It encompasess 17.560 m2 of building land, the area is near the lake and the sea.

If the hotel is positioned in the middle rank (3 to 4 stars), the ROI is returned in 4 years. The ROI is cululated given the number of 420 rooms in the hotel and high season being 200 days, 140 days low season and 16 days peak season. A rough calculation with a 50% occupancy gives a return of 4 to 5 million per year. Let me emphasize the fact that hotels nearby rent rooms up to 600 dollars per day. Furthermore, the value of the closest hotel with the half of the capacities of the project is estimated at 55 milion dollars.

The Project will be sold as a complete package with all plans and permission for construction of the area and with the land that encompasess 17.560 m2 land.

This Project includes hotels, apartments, pools, restaurant and the infra structure of the area.

Land: 17560m2
6 Hotels: 3 x 2000m2 + 3 x 3000m2 = 15000m2
420 apartments
840 beds
Restaurant With Terrace: 1100 m2, 372 persons
5 Pools: 1535 m2
84 parking spaces

Price of the whole project including complete construction = 17 million euro (693 Million Baht)
Price of land with the project = 6 million euro (245 Million Baht)


Property Type
Living Area, m²
17560 m²
Land Size, m²
17560 m²
Land Type
Land Title

Included in the price


  • Road
  • Electricity
  • Water
1 property attached