Land ownership rights in Thailand

Land ownership rights in Thailand

What restrictions exist? The right to lease for 30 years with an extension of another 60!

Land ownership rights in Thailand come with specific restrictions and regulations, especially for foreign citizens. Here is the essential information regarding land ownership rights in Thailand:

1. Restrictions for Foreigners: Thai law prohibits foreign citizens from owning land in their name. This means that foreigners can only partially own land, as is the case in many other countries.

2. Right to Lease: Foreign citizens can acquire the right to lease land parcels instead of owning land. Typically, land leases are granted for up to 30 years, with the option to renew for another 30 years (a total of 90 years). This gives foreigners some control over the land, although they are not the owners.

3. Establishing a Thai Company: Some foreign investors opt to establish a Thai company to purchase land. However, the company must adhere to Thai laws and have Thai partners as majority shareholders. This can be a complex process and requires legal consultation.

4. Investment in Land through Joint Ventures: Another method for foreign investors is participating in land projects through joint ventures or fractional ownership. This allows you to acquire a share in land projects but does not grant full land ownership rights.

5. Inheritance Laws: It's important to note that Thai laws can complexly regulate inheriting leased land and property. Therefore, having a legally certified will and consulting with a lawyer is necessary to ensure property transfer according to your wishes.

6. Rules and Exceptions: Thailand has regional rules and exceptions that can vary from one location to another. Therefore, consulting with local authorities and legal experts is crucial to obtaining detailed information about specific situations.

Always remember that Thailand's property ownership rules and laws can be intricate and subject to change. If you plan to invest in real estate or land in Thailand, it is recommended to seek our  legal consultation to ensure a lawful and secure transaction.

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