Travel and transport

Travel and transport

Thailand has well-developed transportation system, which consists of aviation, land and railway transport.

More than sixty airports, located in Thailand, service both domestic and international air traffic. Travelling by air is the fastest and one of the most convenient ways to get to any Thai province.

A thousand mile trip is just a two-hour flight and by train it usually takes more than twenty hours, but it is one of the cheapest and most relaxing ways to get to any major city of Thailand.

Another mode of transport, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of tropical landscapes, to relax and have a good sleep during the trip, is a bus. Thai bus system has several classes of busses which vary in size, type and cost of travel. The long-distance VIP busses provide a good quality service with spacious seats, air-conditioning and complimentary meals and drinks.

Local and city busses are not as comfortable as most of long-distance ones but they are the best choice to hop on and explore the neighborhood. Moreover, the transportation system of almost every city includes car and motorbike taxis and tut tuks – the iconic Thai open-air trikes.

Before the times of industrial and economic growth of Thailand the only means of public transport  in the capital was water taxi, while nowadays you can enjoy a ride across Bangkok in hi-tech air-conditioned sky-train and subway. Besides, Bangkok has more taxis than most cities on the planet and the rates are lower than anywhere in the western world.

The prices for taxi in Phuket are much higher than in Bangkok but they are always negotiable. All public land transport in the island is more expensive than on the continent, but the cost of long-distance bus tickets is quite the same. Phuket is also accessible by air and has the second biggest international airport in the country.

The system of transportation in Thailand is modern, comfortable and affordable and it lets one choose the most convenient way of traveling. 

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