Legislation of Thailand

Legislation of Thailand

Thailand is a unique Southeast Asian country, which culture and traditions attract millions of people from all around the world. Although tourists should enjoy their time in Thailand, it is crucial to remain well-informed of the local laws and to follow them precisely.

Thai laws on murder

The Thai Criminal Code states that murderer should be punished by a death penalty or life imprisonment.

Drug trafficking

Thai legislation is known to be strict in drug related cases and drug trafficking is imposed by life imprisonment or death sentences.

Underage sexual seduction

Sexual intercourse with children under 15 years whether with or without consent of the victim is punished by imprisonment for up to 20 years. If the same offence is committed against a minor not yet over 13 years old the offender may be imprisoned up to lifetime.

 Crimes against property

Crimes against property, e.g. robbery, theft and willful damage to property, etc. are punished by imprisonment and fine, which are determined by attending circumstances of each case.

Offence against the royal family

Whoever defames, insults or threatens the king, the queen, the heir-apparent or the regent of Thailand shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 15 years. Any image of the king is protected by law, so intentional damage to it is punished by imprisonment.

Administrative penalties

The traffic violation is punished by fines not exceeding 2000 THB, though for a drunk-driving the offender can be imprisoned for 6-12 month. Other wrongful acts violating lawful restrictions are punished with fines and harm compensations if any caused.

For any circumstances it is vital to have contacts of your country’s consulate and a local lawyer and to contact them as soon as possible if arrested.   

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