Relocating to the Island of Phuket

Relocating to the Island of Phuket

Thinking of moving to paradise?

Times are changing, that is for sure. Phuket has always been an attractive place for folks wanting to relocate and make a complete lifestyle change. With the world in turmoil, people are fed up, and now more than ever, ready to make the move, as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Here at Phuket Buy House, we understand that moving to another country can be daunting, so we thought we would offer our advice on what can help to make the transition smoother on the whole family. Our offices are filled with ex-patriots who have relocated and who better to advise you on what to do than a team of experts who have successfully managed to move to Phuket.

If you and your family are in need of a change, one that includes lots of fresh air, beautiful scenery, stunning family-friendly beaches, a range of amazing outdoor activities, and an outdoor lifestyle all round, then look no further because Phuket is the place for you. We have it all!

At first, you will need to determine what your visa options are and how to get this sorted out in your home country. Most countries will have a Thai embassy or consulate available to submit applications. You may like to visit their website below for further information;

The most common visas available to foreigners in Thailand are as follows; Non-Immigrant O Visa, Non-Immigrant B visa, Guardianship visas, and ED visas.

Any parent’s first thought usually is “where are my kids going to go to school?’ Fortunately, Phuket has a wonderful and highly accredited range of schools to choose from. These are located all over the island. Your kids are able to receive private educations in great schools. The schools that are most appealing to foreigners are as follows; British International School, UWC, Kajonkiet International School, BCIS, and Headstart International. Almost all of these schools offer school bus services making it even more convenient to get them to school and back safely each day. This is a real blessing for many parents, especially once you first relocate and in the process of getting established.

Another big question that folks normally have is, “what kind of medical services are available?’’. This is always a concern, especially for retirees and people with children. Phuket has some outstanding clinics and hospitals available, with excellent emergency and outpatient services too, giving people the peace of mind, they will need, if moving here. You have a few international hospitals such as Bangkok International and Phuket International, with the addition of inexpensive good government hospitals.

The next thing you will probably need to know is;” how can I get my banking done”? Thailand banking works much the same as any other country, with a few exceptions. If you have the following visas NON immigrant O/NONimmigrant B visas, then you are able to open a savings account with the following banks; Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, UOB and Krunsgsri Bank. These banks are best for foreigners and offer competitive rates of exchange. All of these banks are equipped to assist with international money transfers and your account will include a debit card, which can be used at most ATMs. For more information on some of the banks, we have just mentioned, check out the links below:

In terms of transportation Phuket is limited when it comes to public transportation. Most people over here will buy or rent a vehicle. Car dealerships are available everywhere, mostly offering Japanese brands. Second-hand cars are fairly easy to come by, although second-hand models tend to more than often be the same price the same as new ones. Most cars are automatic, as manuals are less common.

Obtaining a Thai driving license` can be done in one day in the traffic department. Anyone with a valid Nonimmigrant visa is able to get one issued. International licenses are valid, although the conditions tend to differ and depend on what country your license is from. It is best to check with the traffic department first as to what is required from your side before attempting to convert this over. Thai licenses are valid for up to 5 years and available for motorbikes too. It is advisable to get a Thai license, as this will be extremely helpful in the event of an accident, as well as getting your car insurance issued.

Phuket Island also offers an array of western amenities making this an ideal choice when thinking about where is best to relocate the family too. Living here we do have access to great supermarkets that cater to the westerners, where you are able to buy fresh produce and imported goods. There are a few supermarkets available for this purpose. There are two in particular that cater to foreigners'; Villa market and Tops Supermarket, which have been strategically located around the island for that convenience factor. Here you can get just about anything, as well a good selection of wines and alcohol. If you would like to check out what kinds of goods are available from these supermarkets you can click on these below.

Phuket offers a tropical climate with the monsoon season typically falling between the months of May to October. The average temperate is 28 degrees Celsius, thus one only needs summer clothing all year round. The monsoon seasons are relatively mild compared to other tropical countries, and fortunately, there are no hurricanes/cyclones experienced over here. The most humid months are March and April just before the monsoon rains arrive, thus also making it the hottest time of year. December to February is known to be the mildest time of year temperature-wise, with a drier climate and less humidity. During this time temperatures can drop down to around 24 degrees Celsius in the evenings. Being a tropical country, one may wonder what vaccines are necessary, although the country does not have any problems with Yellow fever or Malaria, Dengue Fever is the only mosquito-borne disease that one needs to be careful with, however, this disease is easily treatable and, in most cases, not fatal.

With moving to Phuket it is also important to find a property to buy or rent, in a good safe location. Our agents are standing by to help you find the best place for you. Give us a call today or simply drop us an email and start making that lifestyle change you need, to live your best life.

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