Phuket Turtle Foundation

Phuket Turtle Foundation

One of the best things about living in such a beautiful place like Phuket is the emphasis on which locals and expats place in the preservation and upkeep of the conservation of the island.

While yes this province is developing quite rapidly if we were to consider all the infrastructural changes over the last decade, however, there are strict measures in place to maintain the national parks and keep these areas clear from any form of development so wildlife and nature can be allowed to thrive. Here in Phuket, we are privileged enough to have beaches that are home to many turtles, this is not only great for tourism but also very special to have such an opportunity on our doorstep to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Thanks to the Maikhao Marine Turtle Foundation, turtles are being protected with the aim of helping nesting turtles in the area, as well as promote clean seas and beaches on the island.

The foundation is part of the J.W Marriot Resort, and they have done a fantastic job of keeping the public informed on what they are doing and how the foundation is helping these turtles. Every day people are invited to visit the turtle sanctuary and attend hour-long information sessions from Monday to Friday at 11 am each day. The sessions are in place to help educate the public on the sustainability of this ecosystem that turtles live in and to also help create awareness on how we can better protect them. The foundation invites people to see some of the resident turtles who rely on the sanctuary due to their disabilities which restrict them from being released back into the sea, as they would not be able to live without the help of the foundation. People are able to see them during feeding time. Turtles here feel safe to lay their eggs here on Mai Khao beach. Any turtles that do lay eggs on other beaches will have these collected and given to the Phuket Marine Biological Center and Royal Thai Navy, who then provide a safe home for the eggs to hatch where the young turtles are able to gain strength before being released into the ocean.

Over the years the foundation has been actively involved with universities, schools, governmental organizations, and non- profit organizations. Through awareness, they have not only been able to help conserve the Leatherback turtle but also preserve their environment, with the help of these communities.
At Phuket Buy House we as a company understand the importance of preserving our beautiful island and encourage others to get on board too. For more information please visit

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