Is it high time to sell your Phuket property?

Is it high time to sell your Phuket property?

Today only lazy people do not discuss the global financial crisis. They say the crisis is blooming and it’s high time to do something in order to save capital. Many people decide to sell their overseas estates because they do not have patience to give the situation to fix itself. But if you relate to such kind of people, this article is exactly for you.

So you have villas in Phuket and now you have made a decision to sell it, what should you do? 

The first step is to determine prices. When it comes to any sale the question of a price is the starting point. You as a holder need to remember how much your property cost before, or of you had invested a lot in repairing, what that amount was. Next compare the desired price of your villas with the current market value. The point is at the moment when a potential buyer wants to find a Phuket villas, he or she faces with a great number of choices, this conveys if your price is too suitable to reality, the selling process will even not proceed. 

Do not forget that any property transaction is related to such expenses as taxes, levies, duties, etc. Therefore it is necessary to find out who will pay for them. In practice it is an extremely typical situation when a real buyer refuses to deal with a holder only because of the fact that this item has not been negotiated before. 

In case of resale units, the question “Where to pay?” is not actual because payment is made by means of bank check at the moment of property transaction. Unlike with project units, a purchaser always makes remittance transfer to a developer’s bank account. Some developers agree you to receive the amount from a client and pay off to the developer. Anyway these points are very essential and are discussed in advance. 

In order to sell your real estate on Phuket quickly, safely, profitably you’d better turn to a professional realtor and lawyer, after you will fill in property description papers, sign up an agreement and the agency proceeds to vend it.

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