Phuket Events

Phuket Events

Thai people are crazy about relaxing and having fun, holidays are meat and drink to them. Did you know that Thailand was the country with the most vacation days in 2010? No wonder because there are about 21 public holidays in Thai calendar. Moreover, in case a national or governmental holiday falls on the weekend, it is transferred to a working week. Let’s take a look at the brightest annual Phuket events and their observance.

New Year’s Day – actually people who live in Thailand celebrate three New Year’s Days, they are Global, Thai and Chinese New Year’s Days. Now we are taking about the first day of the Gregorian calendar, the 1st January. Nowadays this public holiday is celebrated from all over the world, but It has not been so popular in Phuket. This event became extremely popular about 4 or 5 years ago, and currently every thai family look forward to the first day of the new year to start a new life.

Maka Bucha day - is one of the greatest national holiday in Thailand. The celebrating date is floating and it depends on Lunar calendar, but usually it falls on March. Makka Bucha is a very important event for every Buddhist family in Phuket. A few centuries ago that day was a turning moment for the entire learning. Buddha bequeathed to spread Buddhist knowledge to the masses. Every Phuket temple is overcrowded with locals in this day.

Chakri Day - is a memorial event devoted to the dynasty of Chakri.  It has been celebrating since 1782. Usually the royal family pay respects to their precursors and lay beautiful fresh flowers to the statue of King Rama I, the first representative of the Chakri Dinasty.

Mother’s Day – is celebrated on the 12th of August, the date of the birthday of Her Majesty Sirikit. it is a national event and has the same meaning as it has from all over the world. Mother’s Day is a very delicate and gentle holiday with a lot of smiles and white flowers.

Father’s Day – is fallen on the 5th of December, the birthday of the current King. Actually thai people adore their king and respect him a lot. So they wear the yellow-colored T-shirts, the royal color, and wish “long live the king”.

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